Monday, August 20, 2007

The Quest for Ultimate Mee Goreng

I love a good mee goreng - spicy fried noodles - and have been looking for the ultimate version but as Bono sings, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for..."

There's mee goreng Indian style (see above). The one here is not too bad - it packs a fiery-hot spicy punch and isn't too sweet. Dry with good wok hei (breath of wok). Not soggy despite being a takeaway. It's from a stall called Ramli Indian Muslim Food, at a neighbourhood coffee shop at Block 59 Marine Terrace (the one closer to the wet market).

There's also the Chinese style mee goreng, usually chockful of seafood and slightly sweeter with more onions and tomatoes. Also usually more "wet" than the Indian version. Tastes almost like noodles in chili crab sauce at some places.

The one above is from Parkway Parade's basement food court. Also not the best I've had but decent when you wanna have a quick fix.

So anyone with recommendations for great mee goreng (Indian and/or Chinese), you are most welcome to share!



  1. did you experience culture shock the first time you saw RED mee goreng in SG? I did! hahaha

  2. OMG yes, southernoise! I've forgotten all about that. Yeah, back then I was quite turned off by all the artificial colouring (red mee goreng and red nasi goreng all!) but now I can't imagine Indian mee goreng that's not red!

  3. Tried the mee goreng, yes it is dry and not too bad.Next to this Indian mee goreng stall you can try the mee rebus,good but sweet. Tastewise close to Fandi Mona @ Haig Rd FC.

  4. smart, yes, the mee rebus at the Malay stall is reasonably good - I've eaten it a few times when too lazy to wander far. I do wonder how good it is compared to Selera Kita...


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