Friday, June 19, 2009

Red Mango Korean Frozen Yoghurt

 I'm obviously discovering this late. Red Mango, a franchise from Korea, has been in Singapore for a year now. It's easy to miss, as it's tucked away behind Carrefour at Suntec City, in the Tasty Treatz galley of mini-eateries. I've never been a big fan of frozen yoghurt, but I'd quite happily eat this again. Frozen yoghurt that's creamy. Really thick, firm and creamy. Looks and tastes good. Yet it's miraculously non-fat (or 99.7% fat-free) - reminds me of those enviably slim people who can eat, eat, eat, and never put on any weight. The fro-yo is pleasantly tart, perfect for those who don't like things too sour (like me). No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. You get your calcium, protein, and gut-friendly probiotics. Sounds like a dessert that's actually good for you. Can it be called a dessert? Lots of fresh fruit for toppings Add more vitamins and anti-oxidants with diced fruits. Add your crunchies Or delicious crunchies. I was sorry I didn't have my DSLR camera with me (I was out running some errands), so these photos are from my old point-and-shoot. Original flavour yoghurt with strawberries and peaches Doesn't this look yum? It was. They have different flavours rotating throughout the week - mango, strawberry, green tea, passionfruit, mixed berries or red currant. But my favourite is still the original flavour - lovely cream flavour - and I'm glad that's available every day. RED MANGO (for some reason, the website isn't available at time of posting) #01-140G, Tasty Treatz Suntec City Mall 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore Open 10am to 10pm


  1. Yes, they have been around for 1 year and I haven't get my hands on it as well - is it any better than Frolick or Yummy Yoghurt?

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  3. Wow, without SLR and your photos still look nice as ever. Love Korean frozen yoghurt ice-cream. I've not been to this place before. But there's one call Yogur Berry in Malaysia and it's really good, and not fat too! ^^

  4. Hmm, will definitely try this, totally addicted to soft serve yogurt right now! Wonder how this compares to Yami Yogurt coz I love Yami Yogurt.

  5. looks absolutely yummy to this dessert-holic! i will definitely give it a try when i go to singapore! i hope they are going to open one in Penang, Malaysia as soon as possible!

  6. looks absolutely yummy to me as a serious dessert-holic! i will definitely give it a try when i go to singapore! i hope they are going to open one in Penang, Malaysia as soon as possible!

  7. i haven try frolicks, or any of the yoghurt places yet too. lol!

  8. colourful! and nutritious! im not a fan of yoghurt too but i would like to try this someday!

  9. i love red mango. they've got a good green tea flavour on wednesdays (:

  10. you just made this preggers lady crave for a cup of frozen youghurt! guess i gotta get my fix of the mediocre version from Ehub before hesading home.
    i miss Yami Yoghurt now...

  11. ooo! i didnt know we have this in sg! and i didnt know it was from korea! lol. i had this in Naperville (Illinois) in the US. it was yummy!

  12. wow! i wanna try this.. glad to know i can find this in Jakarta now at Mal Taman Anggrek.

  13. Red Mango SingaporeJuly 29, 2010 at 4:08 PM

    hi..just wanted to update everyone that we have recently moved out of suntec city and the replacement shop is at the esplanade xchange MRT...we are yet again working on our website fo ra revamp..up shortly!

    we also have our other outlets at:
    wilkie edge
    plaza 8 @ changi business park
    8 shenton way
    far east square
    scape @ orchard


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