Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kebab Station at Parkway Parade

It was from The Travelling Hungryboy that I found out my dear suburban mall Parkway Parade now has a little kebab shop! Hurrah, and it's taken over that really unappetising-looking Water-Rise Pancakes (oh, I'm also glad Long John Silver's taken over Don's Pie). OK, this is just a tiny little outdoor kiosk with al fresco dining (I wished it had aircon though). But meats were roasting on spitfires and a somewhat Mediterranean/Turkish-looking guy was heading the operations. I hoped it was good.

Lamb pita roll unfurled, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I chose the lamb pita roll to take away. Didn't have high hopes because it looked rather limp and not very substantial. Inside, the meat and sauces beckoned. Lettuce almost negligible.

But oh man, it was more tasty than I thought it'd be! Everything went well together, from the bread to the sauces to the well-flavoured meat. I submitted that it was worth its $6.50 price, even though I wished it was heartier. I'd eat this again.

Shop unit #01-K11 (near the outdoor waterfall)
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road



  1. Tks for the tip.Will try that out.

  2. Ahhh, can never resist a good kebab. Luckily we've got them plenty here in Perth... the only thing i miss now is (believe or not) the warm, singapore weather

  3. oh my waterrise pancake burger is like the best thing i ever had! and u said it was unappetising?!

  4. Smart - you're welcome, but do go with tempered expectations. It's nice as a neighbourhood bite, and just tasted better than it looked.

    Yummy Dummy - ahh, Australia. Had my best kebabs there too - this one pales in comparison, of course. But eh, how can you miss Singapore weather??? It's one major factor I wanna go away!

    Anonymous - I said it was unappetising-looking. Never wanted to try it. So I guess you are one of the people who kept it afloat for so long! :) I always wondered how they survived.

  5. Haha, you know, that's the ironic part cos I know I'll hate the weather once I reach Singapore. But still, this freezing weather is killing me! :P

  6. Ah, how I wish Singapore would freeze over once in a while. Maybe next Ice Age, eh?

  7. Try Cosmo's Kebabs in Leederville YD. Good stuff!

  8. bet it cant beat authentic turkish kebabs....speakin of kebabs...im sick of it....been eatin it for the 10 days straight on my recent turk trip...hehe...maybe one day go try dis kebab station next mth

  9. Anon, of course la. Even Japanese food here cannot beat authentic Japanese food in Japan, what more this little kebab stand. I hope you will have recovered from kebab surfeit by next month before you go try Kebab Station!

  10. I tried their lamb kebab wraps. I quite like it. Lamb is not tough, thou the lamb taste is quite strong but I like it that way. Portion is a bit small cos I could finish it. Haha.. cos I usually can't finish my food.

    Totally enjoyed this meal. :)

  11. didally: yeah, portion is a bit small, but agree it's tasty! :)


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