Monday, November 26, 2018

MealPal: Subscribe for Cheaper Restaurant Meals in CBD, sans Delivery (get S$50 voucher)

Mealtime in the CBD is very often painful on the pocket. The prices of a simple lunch is easily in the double-digits, unless you make your way to a hawker centre or fast food joint. And then you'll have to contend with food that's greasy and less nutritious. It's hard to eat well sometimes.

MealPal is a global meal subscriptions service that offers lunch and dinner options from restaurants at a discount. They launched here in 2016 operating at four business hubs across the island – Buona Vista, CBD, Novena and Orchard. Singapore is the 17th market so far, and we have over 250 restaurants to choose from. Almost my entire office team is on this program because they often have promos for signups that can make a S$12-15 meal as low as $3-5 sometimes. You can even add on hawker meals at S$1 each.

There are a few plans. One month's subscription of 12 meals is about S$95.88, which works out to be S$7.99 each. The signup promos sometimes offer $30-50 off for the first month, making the meals range from $3.82 to S$5.49.

Sign up with my code below and get S$30 off

And since it's Cyber Monday today, you'll get S$50 Lazada voucher if you use my other code below (valid until 30 November 2018 at 11:59pm SGT and cannot be combined with any other promotion).

How do they enable the cheaper meals?

MealPal provides a way for those restaurants to connect with new swathes of customers whilst reducing costs and making operations more efficient, especially during competitive peak hours.

Delivery is not included. You have to pick up the meal at an appointed timeslot but you don't have to queue. Just head to the cashier, scan the QR code to pick up your ready meal, and leave the other customers staring at you enviously as you completely skip the long lines. Seriously convenient for busy people.

Restaurant favourites such as Teppei Syokudo and Tuk Tuk Cha are included as well as niche chains such as Sarnies, Grain Traders and Folks Collective.

MealPal also has WorkPals which lets you see what your colleagues have ordered, and lets you coordinate meals and pickups together. Lunch is a highly social affair in Singapore!


The app looks nicer on iOS, I think. :) You can view the locations by map or listing.

While it's still a little buggy, the team seems to be ironing out kinks as fast as they can, and are responsive to feedback.

Let me show you some of the meals I've had so far. The first photo above is the Gochujiang Salmon bowl (usually S$12.90) from A Poke Theory.

Original Roll & Lemonade from Chunky Lobsters! These are about S$16 each. It's quite a generous portion of lobster, although the roll itself is a little dry.

This is the hefty Mexican Salad from Sarnies, with pulled pork, guacamole, corn salsa and tortilla chips.

There are Asian options galore too, like Thai and Indian. This is the Original Pad Thai from Ocha Fresh Thai at Frasers Tower.

How about Pulled Bak Kut Teh in a salad? From Meat & Green near Boat Quay.

HafuDog's gourmet fusion hot dogs come with a drink as well. The set normally goes for S$11.90 or more. This is the Bahn Bao, inspired by the Vietnamese Bahm Mi.

Berg Burgers' Miss Piggy (cheeseburger with bacon) is a hot favourite on Fridays.


I'll need to travel to go to my favourite ramen, but at least it's here too!


I didn't get to take pics of this but the rendang is jawdroppingly awesome.


You don't have to give up hawker favourites either. Fishball Story! Pick from hawkers at CBD centres such as Lau Pa Sat, Amoy Street Food Centre and further afield to Timbre + at One North.

Don't say I bojio.


Giveaway: The Peranakan's Christmas Roast Turkey with Nasi Ulam Stuffing

Christmas is officially less than a month away! What kind of turkey are you wishing for this year?

The Peranakan is bringing back the popular festive takeaways: Christmas Roast Turkey with Nasi Buah Keluak Stuffing ($138++) or Nasi Ulam Stuffing ($168++), available now for pre-orders.

A delicious centerpiece that will shine at any party table, this Christmas Turkey is bathed in a marinade of typical Peranakan herbs and spices such as chilies, ginger and lemongrass before a long, slow-roast in the oven. This achieves a delicate and crispy skin, whilst keeping the turkey moist and tender, brimming with lots of juicy flavour on the inside.

Each turkey is also stuffed with a choice of fragrant Jasmine rice fillings – choose from The Peranakan’s renowned buah keluak paste generously stirred through white rice, or our true blue Nasi Ulam made with finely chopped herbs and vegetables. Drizzle on the accompanying sauce, crafted from the concentrated marinade and turkey cooking juices. These are certainly carvings worthy of a decadent Peranakan Christmas!

Collections are to be made from 1 December onwards. Early-bird orders made by 30 November will receive a complimentary set of Apom Bok Kwa Pisang.

For orders, tel: 6262 4728 or email


The Peranakan has kindly offered to give away a Christmas turkey to one lucky reader. Just head over to Facebook and share this post and comment.

Contest ends 11:59pm, 30 Nov 2018. All results are final.


Monday, November 5, 2018

Get ready for 11.11 with ShopBack Cashback Buddy

The biggest online shopping season is starting soon! Many shops have begun having their own 11.11 sale, and I already know people who have carts pre-filled with stuff ready to go.

Lower prices are one thing, but smarter shoppers will get cashback on top of that. I came across ShopBack from a friend's recommendation two years ago. They aggregate cashback opportunities from over 500 online stores. If you're using that, you should know about their ShopBack Browser Extension.

Here is what the Cashback Buddy is about:

- It serves as a notification if you happen to be browsing an online store that you can earn Cashback from ShopBack.

- Saves you from missing out on Cashback if you happen to forget doing a clickthrough from ShopBack (The extension will have pop-up appear and the Cashback button will start blinking to notify you.

- You can discover new stores that you never knew you can earn Cashback from.

- If you are doing a search for things online, for example, a product, you can even find out if there are stores you can earn Cashback from via the search engine. Like this:

- If you’re familiar with shopping on Taobao with ShopBack you’ll know that shopping on Taobao on ShopBack involves having to use the search bar on the ShopBack website for every product you would like to add to cart. And since Singles Day is around the corner, it also makes it easier for you to earn cashback as the search bar that users previously have to use in the ShopBack website is now embedded in the extension.

There'll be more new features available in the future to help shoppers make smart shopping decisions.

I have it installed on my Chrome browser and it's pretty useful in alerting me to the stores that offer cashback and how much I can get. The little red icon flashes with a green border when that alert happens.

Happy shopping and happy saving!


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Alma by Juan Amador: One-Michelin Star Restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel

In the blink of an eye, Alma by Juan Amador is three years old. The restaurant has plenty to celebrate; it's not only held on to its one Michelin star for three consecutive years, but its Executive Chef Haikal Johari who was paralysed from the neck down three years ago has made extraordinary recovery.

Chef Haikal Johari of Alma by Juan Amador
It was phenomenal watching Chef Haikal walk out on crutches to greet us. He had been so badly injured in that motorbike accident that he couldn't even talk and needed a ventilator to breathe. See his journey of determination here:

Alma which means "soul" in Spanish has rolled out new dinner menus to touch the soul. Chef Haikal marries his training in European cuisine with Asian flavours to create dishes that bring both new yet familiar tastes. You'll also find a strong nod to Japanese ingredients and cuisine.

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