Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cat and the Fiddle has launched Fickle Feline 2.0 - an array of 10 slices of cheesecake in different flavours. Just in time for Mother's Day! The new Fickle Feline mixed assortment is a non-alcoholic one this time. It's approximately 7 inches in diameter. Here's what you get in the S$42.90 bundle.

N1 - Maneki Neko (Yuzu, Lemon and Lime)
N2 - Modern Duke's Pudding (Oreo)
N3 - Over the Moon (Classic New York)
N4 - Queen of Hearts (Strawberry)
N5 - Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang)
N6 - Sweet & Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel)
N10 - Red Riding Hood (Red Velvet)*
N11 - Once in the Blue Moon (Blueberry)
N13 - Apple of My Eye (Apple Crumble)
N14 - Naughty and Nice (Chocolate)

*new flavour!

I just got mine and they are defrosting in my chiller. Can't wait to try them. Cakes like these are perfect for me because I don't have to decide between flavours, I can have them all!

There are also other flavours too. If your mom is a durian fiend, there's a Mao Shan Wang "King Cat of the Mountain" (S$38.90) cheesecake.

The "Apple of My Eye" (S$38.90) is a little more traditional with apple, cinnamon and nutmeg atop a roasted crumble base.

Interestingly they also have stencils (S$12.90) you can use to create messages with. Powdered sugar and sieve included? That's convenient!

You'll also find other add-ons like flowers, teddy bears, novelty candles that burn with different coloured flames, and greeting cards for the full celebratory experience.

Gotta say I love the whimsical theme in the spirit of the nursery rhyme.

(online only shop)

Many thanks to Daniel Tay of Cat and the Fiddle, and Sixth Sense for sending the cake!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Behold the Morganfield's Southern Family Platter. Whoa, this was HUGE! Which suited us fine because we were a hungry family that day. This is a temporary menu that will only be available from 3rd May to 26th June 2016.

Southern Family Platter: $108.90++
• A full slab of signature Sticky Bones slathered in your choice of sauce.
• Southern-style Crispy Chicken Drumsticks
• Luscious Honey Butter drizzling sauce
• Creamy Crayfish Mac & Cheese
• Fresh Mesclun Salad, with Lemon Olive Oil dressing
• Char-Grilled Roasted Golden Sweet Potatoes
• Country-Style Tangy Purple slaw
• Freshly Baked Corn Bread
• Mexican-Style Grilled Corn with Parmesan & Paprika

It is a lot of food, but just right for a family of four. The meaty ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, but next time we'd try the Asian BBQ sauce; that might be more intense or interesting. Oh, they gave quartered limes to squeeze over the corn that we used over the ribs instead, and that gave the ribs a nice zing.

The chicken drumsticks were enormous, and came with an unusual honey butter sauce that smelled like caramel. The kids loved the mac and cheese; I liked the corn. Hope they managed to get stronger sticks for the corn, because they are heavy cobs!


Blushing Peach: $9.90++ Glass / $23.90++ Pitcher
This was pretty good if a little on the sweet side (perhaps really sticking to the Southern theme). It hits you with refreshingly fizzy notes of peach, lemon and ginger.

Naughty Peach: $16.90++ Glass
Go naughty if you want an alcoholic version of Blushing Peach.

If you still have room for dessert, here are a couple of options:

We tried the Bread Pudding, which came with a strong whiskey sauce, and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

But the house signature is the Chocolate Lava cake. I'm not even a chocolate cake fan and I liked this.

There are a couple of promos going on too.

Southern Family Platter Promotion
From 3rd May – 8th May 2016, with every Southern Family Platter, you will receive a free $10 Morganfield’s voucher for your next visit.

Mother’s Day Special
On Mother’s Day (8th May 2016), all mothers dining at Morganfield's will be treated to a glass of Blushing Peach cooler.

There's a ribs buffet on weekends and public holidays too (S$40 per pax, 11am to 4pm), so you can try out ribs with different sauces, sides and soups. And best of all, on weekends kids below 8 eat free with every adult!

3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-645 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
(Outside Tower 4, Next to Promenade MRT)
Tel: +65 6736-1136
Open daily Sun – Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri, Sat & PH: 11am – Midnight

Morganfield's @ Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-23 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6694-3635

Many thanks to Morganfield's for the invitation

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A good friend who is a mad expert at shopping tips and "lobangs" told me about ShopBack, which gives you cash rebates on many popular shopping sites. I'm usually quite skeptical about such deals but it came from a trusted friend who actually saved money on this. So I signed up. It's free anyway.

Wow. It worked.

The cashback rates are pretty good. They seem more generous than the rebates that credit card companies give.

What you do is use Shopback as your "launchpad" and the shopping sites see you as a Shopback referral.

You can use my code to sign up for a S$10 bonus!

I have been testing it mostly using RedMart and this is how much I have accumulated with 8% cashback. It adds up pretty quickly! I have enough for another grocery run!

You can also whip up a meal with Redmart coupon codes available right there so you don't have to hunt for codes elsewhere. So I take advantage of items on sale, apply a discount code if available (usually 10%) and then get 8% cashback on top of it all. I easily save 20-30% sometimes.

Now I am starting to use it for other sites too, like Qoo10, iHerb, Lazada, AliExpress and GearBest. Hey, every bit counts in this economy!

You can look for dining promotions at ShopBack or dine at a discount with Groupon deals.

But the biggest rebates probably come with big ticket items like trips. Get even more out of your holidays when you travel with Agoda discounts. There are also other options like,, Zuji, Accor Hotels and Chan Brothers to choose from. Imagine: say 8% rebate from your hotel bookings of S$1,500 would be S$120!

The other big ticket item is tech. So if gadgets are what you're looking for, then ShopBack has some great electronics offers and deals!

OK, one small thing I have observed is: you should ideally complete your purchase before the browser session expires. It happened to me when I got distracted by something and left my computer to attend to something. While the same window may be open, the connection may have lapsed and the rebate may not get reflected.

But they will still recognise your purchase if you started it off using the Shopback launchpad. The customer service is very responsive and will credit missing rebates - kudos for that. I'm shopping in confidence but now I make sure I finish all my purchases quickly! (Psst, window shop separately first if you need!)

Again, you can use my code to sign up for a S$10 bonus!

I was a Shopback user and invited to review Shopback

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doesn't the recent warm weather make you yearn to be on a beach somewhere? Enjoying cool blue waters and powdery sand, with an ice cream cone or cocktail in hand. Well, the good thing is, some of the best beaches in the world are right at our doorstep! Here are five of my favourite beaches in South-East Asia:


Boracay in the Philippines is almost legendary as a beach resort destination. Unbelievable post card perfection in its miles of sandy beaches and amazing seascapes. I like Puka Beach on the northern side because it's less crowded than White Beach. It used to be quite troublesome to get to, but since 2013, we have Tiger Air flying to Kalibo (its nearest airport) direct. See my other Boracay posts here.


Bali offers more than just beaches - art, culture, verdant rice terraces, . It certainly deserves its reputation as a beach paradise, but it can be touristy in some areas. If you like, you can pick a resort with a private beach - I love the W Bali - so you can enjoy along with top notch service, food and facilities without having to jostle with crowds. They also have gorgeous private villas that celebrities love to descend upon.



Langkawi is a mystical island rich with local legends and folklore. But its beaches and resorts are an even bigger lure. Pantai Cenang and Pantai Kok are the most developed with vast sweeping coastlines whereas Burau Bay is more secluded. Tanjong Rhu has its own charm with its abundance of casuarina trees in place of the usual palms and coconuts.



You have no idea how close we are to this little island off Mersing, Johor in Malaysia. It's just one strip of beach with one resort, but the powdery white sand and the picturesque sea is simply outstanding. It's probably like what Tioman used to be (before it got ruined by tourism). For now, it's a hidden treasure and I hope it never gets spoilt.



Krabi doesn't just have one beach; it has 15 mainland beaches and 3 island groups - which means it's great to explore! The stunning coastlines are framed by towering limestone formations. Some of these tall structures and caves have led to amorous imaginations by the locals. But the best thing is, the beaches are not as crowded as Phuket or Koh Samui - always a plus point for me!

I feel like booking a ticket there right now, looking at these photos. Someone recently recommended me, which is really popular in Indonesia (one of the largest travel platforms there). They show you the full prices without hidden extras. Apparently it's good for travel in this region, so I took a look and compared some prices.

Let's take a look at Langkawi:

Traveloka gives us AirAsia tickets for S$123.07

Then I went to check the AirAsia site itself...

Hey, it's actually a bit more expensive going directly to the airline!

Let me try direct flights to Bali:

Traveloka's best price is a Jetstar-AirAsia combo for S$158.68

A similar combo is S$175 on Kayak!

And the cheapest S$177 on Expedia!

Well, that was just for starters. I'm definitely adding Traveloka as a site to compare prices next time I am traveling in South-East Asia. I guess it's the bulk deals that Traveloka has that enables them to offer better prices. That's just good news for us. Smart shopping means more money to spend on holidays!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Traveloka

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If you've been to Orchard Central recently, you might have noticed it's become quite the food haven. Yes, I counted 33 F&B outlets with two more opening soon (Pompompurin Cafe and Tanuki)! Most of them are clustered around floors 7, 8, 11 and 12, with a few in the basement and ground floor. I don't know about you, but my tummy says that makes it a lot more interesting to explore.

Recently I got to visit three restaurants I've never tried, and one that's always been a family favourite. Here they are:

Joie by Dozo - #12-01

Located amidst the lush rooftop garden of Orchard Central is a fine-dining restaurant celebrating meatless cuisine - Joie by Dozo. But this is not your average vegetarian fare. Each course is a beautiful revelation, and holds surprises in textures and flavours you'd never expect.

For example, the Vegetarian Sashimi served on ice with Quail Egg Shooter Glass (above) cleverly replicates the texture of sashimi using konjac, vegetables and fruits. Dip the pieces in the soy sauce (especially the grilled coconut) and they take on a completely different taste! It totally tastes like seafood!


The Grilled Bai Ling Mushroom Steak on "Pu-Ye" Hot Stone similarly looks like a work of art. The thick mushroom steak is springy and succulent; you can hear its juices sizzle on the hot stone. A truffle dip helps add smoky tang to the steak. A definite winner for those who love mushrooms.

Joie by DOZO goes by tasting menus: six courses for lunch (S$38.80++, which is a fabulous deal) and seven courses for dinner (S$68.80++). Besides the starter, you get a choice of dishes for each course - side dish, cold dish, soup, main course, dessert and special drink. Note that the cold dish (which the vegetarian sashimi is part of) is only available for dinner.

But suffice to say that there are plenty of choices that will surprise and please most diners. I was intrigued by the black tempura, the gratin mushrooms (much better than escargots), and the tasty ravioli. Yes, you'll find touches of molecular gastronomy still alive here.

Among the desserts, the Truffle Creme Brulee stood out as more unusual. It was almost a savoury custard (me likey) with the strong truffle signature. Other desserts are more conventional; they include warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, cheese cake, yoghurt pudding.

The menu stays constant most of the time but seasonal changes may occur.

Joie by DOZO is open daily: 
12pm - 3pm for lunch, 
6pm - 10pm for dinner
Tel: 6838 6966

Sumiya - #12-02

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya is also on the top floor of Orchard Central, right across from Joie by DOZO. This space used to be the excellent Kuriya Penthouse, which I blogged about before. Now it's a casual and cheery retro-themed Japanese grill and izakaya. The open kitchen area showcases the chefs working the charcoal grills.


Sumiya’s Signature “Kushiyaki” or Charcoal-grilled Skewers
• Pork & Enoki Mushroom Skewer with crazy salt S$5++
• Chicken Tsukune Skewer (minced chicken balls) with sweet soy sauce S$6.80++
• Unagi Skewer S$6.80++

These gorgeous Japanese-style skewers are grilled over charcoal flame only upon order. Crazy salt is the mixture of herbs and rock salt. I'd happily come back for these. The unagi is especially well-grilled, but maybe I should go for anago instead since unagi is already on the endangered list.

A photo posted by Catherine Ling (@camemberu) on

Mixed Fresh Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Chunks
Is this the most gorgeous box of tuna sashimi you've seen? It sure was one of the best I've tasted in a while. Otoro (fatty tuna), Chutoro (middle fatty tuna), Akami (tuna red meat) sashimi cubes are served in a Masu cup. Superb value at S$48++ (Usual Price S$68++)

Sumiya serves farmed tuna from Japan in support of sustainable fishing. Limited servings are available due to limited supply of fish and parts.


Air-flown Fish of the Day from Japan, Half Tempura, Half Sashimi (Market Price)
Sumiya is part of the huge RE&S group, so their procurement team in Japan are able to select and air-ship fish and seafood at least thrice weekly.

Today’s Fish of the Day is an unusual pick - Tobiuo or Flying Fish. Wow, I've only ever tried tobikko (the roe) and not the actual fish itself. The sashimi is fresh and sweet. And what a steal at S$25++ too for this rare fish!

For half sashimi, there are 2 styles: pure sashimi slices and sashimi marinated with ginger and shallot. They also serve a Ponzu citrus dipping sauce besides the usual soy sauce and wasabi.

Original Can Can Mushi (Ryoshi Mushi) with Soy Sauce & Miso-base Soup with Garlic and Chilli (Market Price)

One of the popular highlights here is the seafood cooked in broth using a large metal canister. Apparently this is a traditional cooking method the Japanese fishermen used for their freshest catch. You can choose from Original Clear Broth, Tom Yum Soup, and Soy Sauce & Miso-base Soup with Garlic and Chilli.

Our Can Can Mushi was S$56.80++ for a potently umami selection of Hokkaido Scallops, Hiroshima Oysters, Prawns and Kanpachi Kama (Amberjack collar). A filling meal for 2 persons to share.

Finish your meal with a dessert like the Pumpkin-filled Karinto Manju with Matcha Ice Cream (S$8.80++), if you still have room in your stomach!  

Sumiya is open daily:
Lunch 12:00 to 3:00pm (Last Order at 2:30pm)
Dinner: 6:00pm to 10:30pm (Last Order at 10pm)
Tel: 6509 9618

Som Tam - #08-13

The folks behind Gin Khao Thai restaurant have started another concept - Som Tam offering "Modern Thai Fusion" cuisine. From the menu, it looks like they are not afraid to mix tom yum with truffle; Korean-style fried chicken with salted egg; and bonito with nam pla. But most of the menu looks pretty safe and there's a pretty wide variety of street fare, burgers, rice, noodle/pasta, grills/mains, soups, curries, desserts and drinks.

The contemporary decor and friendly prices mean this will make families and young people happy.

Thai Garlic Seafood Fried Rice (S$13.80++)
Feast of seafood tossed in Thai garlic and flavourful Hom Mali rice

This was fairly decent but throw on some sliced chili padi in fish sauce, and the dish really comes alive! You do get quite a bit of seafood in this too.

Gai Satay (6 skewers, S$9.80++)
Flame-grilled chicken skewers served with green Nahm Jim

This was amazingly tender and coated with sticky sweet sauce. It's probably inspired by the street food in Thailand, but here you won't get the street fumes!

Phad Kang Kaneng Phet (S$13.80++)
Stir-fried sumptuous slipper lobster, blended with Thai red curry & runny egg

This was a mild red curry that was quite pleasant. They probably tried to mimic chili crab curry textures with the runny egg. Fortunately there's no tomato base here, as the red curry itself works fine.


After You Toast(S$8.80++)
Sweet toast served with gelato, whipped cream and palm sugar syrup

The crisp buttery toast is fun to eat with unusual ice cream flavours like Green Curry and Thai Basil with Chocolate Chips. If you prefer to be safe, stick with the Thai Tea or Matcha variety.

Som Tam is open daily: 
11:30am – 3:30pm, 5:30pm to 10pm (Mon-Thurs)
11:30am to 10pm (Fri-Sun)
Tel: 6238 6872

Tony Roma's - #07-02 to 05

Tony Roma's is a guilty pleasure. My family loves coming here on occasion for the baby back ribs, salads and onion loaf. But recently I discovered a few items we have never ordered before.

Baked Potato Soup (S$6.90++)
Rich, creamy and loaded with real baked potatoes and topped with Cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions

This could be a meal on its own; it's so rich and satisfying. Props to whoever first thought of baked potato as a soup! I'm already thinking of how to make this at home, because I want more...

Grilled Spinach Chicken Stack (S$24.90++) 
Chicken breast covered with a rich blend of three cheeses,
artichoke hearts and creamy spinach

Well, this is one way to eat your veggies along with your proteins! Plus three cheeses to bind them all together. That's also a really hearty serving of chicken. Most of the chicken entrees come with rice and a choice of cole slaw, baked potato, mashed potatoes, french fries, ranch style beans, broccoli or corn on the cob.

A giant chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of
vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge.

And for the first time ever, I tried a dessert at Tony Roma's. Normally we are too full after the ribs or some feast combo, but doesn't this skillet of sinful indulgence just beg to be shared?

From now to 30 April 2016, Tony Roma's is also giving out one free main course with every two purchased. Please use the voucher here or download the picture below.

Tony Roma's has been in Singapore for almost 24 years now. In the cutthroat F&B industry, that's a phenomenal record. They have also been pretty consistent with their standards and it always is the same reliable taste.

Tony Roma's is open daily: 
11.30am - 3.00pm (Mon - Thur)
6.00pm - 10.00pm (Mon - Thur)
11.30am - 10.00pm (Fri - Sun)
Tel: 6738 8600

Many thanks to Orchard Central for the F&B tour

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I fell in love with making granola bars this year. They are so fast and ,easy to make, and taste way better than the packaged stuff sold on the market. Plus, you can make sure yours doesn't contain refined sugar.

Here's a version that uses only honey (and dried cranberry) as a sweetener. The coconut oil gives it a tantalising aroma but you can use butter too. But the recipe is so versatile, you can vary the nuts and dried fruit. You can also swap out flax seed and linseed for wheatgerm and other nutritious grains.

2.5 cups oats
1 cup almond slices
1 cup dried cranberries
Half cup flax seed (best ground to a meal)
Half cup linseed
Half cup honey
3 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp salt
butter for greasing baking dish/pan

The method is based on Alton Brown's recipe. I tweaked it to suit my own ingredients.


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C or 350 degrees F.  Butter a 9 by 9-inch glass baking dish (I used a 9" x 13" baking tray) and set aside. You can use parchment paper as well as butter; lifting off the finished product will be much easier.

2. Spread the oats and almonds together onto a half-sheet pan. Place in the oven and toast for 15 minutes, stirring once or twice.

3. In the meantime, combine the honey, coconut oil, vanilla extract and salt in a medium saucepan and place over medium heat, stirring until everything is combined.

4. Once the oats and almonds have been toasted, remove them from the oven and reduce the heat to 150 degrees C or 300 degrees F. I think my own oven does better at 160 deg C but yours might vary.

5. Immediately add the oat mixture to the liquid mixture, add the dried fruit, and stir to combine.

6. Turn the mixture out into the prepared baking dish and press down, evenly distributing the mixture in the dish and place in the oven to bake for 25 minutes.

7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. It will still seem a bit soft when fresh out of the oven. That's okay; it will harden when it cools.

8. Cut into squares and store in an airtight container for up to a week.

That's it for easy granola bars with no added refined sugar!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Today is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). March 21st is chosen because Down Syndrome means trisomy (triplicate copies) of the 21st chromosome. Yes, they have one extra chromosome. I like to say they are technically more human than we are. Many would-be parents are terrified of such a diagnosis, and but as this video shows, it's nothing to be down about.

When we got our pre-natal diagnosis, we were taken by surprise and confused. We didn't know much about Down Syndrome. Many will indeed view it as a defect. But relief came with clarity - we CAN choose to keep our baby. So we did, and Nadine was born.

That was 10 years ago. Today she's an active, intelligent and stubborn kid with her own ideas and resilient will. She's survived open heart surgery and a fearless outing alone to the I12 Katong mall and supermarket using the bus (long story). She may take a little longer to learn certain things, but she gets there.

Like many kids, Nadine is addicted to gadgets and games, taking selfies and making music videos; she also especially loves animals and babies. Sure, she does give difficulties (gosh she is naughty), but which kid doesn't?

If you know of any future mom or dad who feels lost and unsure about having a baby with Down Syndrome, I'd be happy to talk to them - forward them this post or send them my email --

The Down Syndrome Association in Singapore is also another great resource; they are amazingly supportive and really helped us in our early days and even til recently.

Yes, the 2016 video is of Olivia Wilde, whom I really like but I still prefer this #dearfuturemom video better.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

One of Singapore's best known bak kut teh has finally expanded. You can now go celebrity-spotting at Founder Bak Kut Teh at Hotel Boss (500 Jalan Sultan) in addition to its base at 347 Balestier Road.

While Founder is known for its garlicky and peppery bowls of Teochew style pork rib soup, what's even better here (to me) is the stewed pork trotters in dark soy. Yes, the one in the foreground...mmmh, tender richly braised trotters.

I do like the soup I've tried here at this second branch. I am most happy to note that it seems more peppery than at the Balestier branch. That's an improvement in my books. Some say it's a little too spicy, but for me, this level is just perfect.

I also like the casual and retro feel of the outlet. Air-conditioning, bright lights and enough walking space certainly make for comfortable dining. They open til really late here too - 5am!

Bak kut teh is such an awesome communal meal. Hot bowls of fortifying broth (refillable here!) soothes the soul and the gnawing of meat off bones speaks to the primal senses. Adding depth and balance to the experience are side dishes - salted vegetables, braised tofu and eggs, and the all essential "you tiao" (deep-fried dough crullers). Yes, we Chinese like our croutons upsized!

There's also lettuce with oyster sauce, braised pig intestines and intestines soup. The beansprouts with salted fish is pretty good.

Mr Chua Chwee Whatt, the founder of Founder uses superior cuts of meaty long ribs, premium short ribs and his own secret blend of pepper and spices. He was a pig farmer in Seletar in the '60s and '70s. He loved bak kut teh but the versions in those years didn't satisfy him, as the ingredients were not of good quality.

Mr Chua decided to make his own using pork from his own farm, and concocting his own recipe. In 1978, he opened a small eatery in Choa Chu Kang called Founder. However as Singapore progressed, he had to give up his pig farm and move out of Choa Chu Kang. By 1988 he was a full-fledged restauranteur. With years of success (look at the wall of fame behind him, showing photos with celebrity patrons), he is finally looking at expanding in the region. There's already an outlet in Jakarta, so let's see where they'll go next.


Balestier Outlet
Address: 347 Balestier Road, Singapore 329777
Tel: +65 6352 6192
Open 12:00pm to 2:30pm, 6:00pm to 2:00am (Closed on Tuesday)

Hotel Boss Outlet
500 Jalan Sultan #01-09, Singapore 199020
Tel: +65 6816 2582
Open daily: 11am - 5am

Jakarta Outlet
Puri Indah Mall 2nd Floor, Unit #240 Jakarta Barat 11610
Tel: +62 (021) 582 2580
Open daily 10am to 10pm

Thanks to Founder for the invitation

Friday, March 18, 2016


Long Chim at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore is celebrating its first anniversary at the end of March. The edgy Thai street eats restaurant is by Chef David Thompson who also owns the legendary Nahm in Bangkok, but unlike Nahm, Long Chim (which means "come and taste") is more casual and accessible.

There's a special anniversary event on Wednesday 30th March, all day, from 12pm to 12am – where cocktails and dishes from a special birthday menu will be just $9. In Thailand, the number 9 signifies ‘luck’ and ‘moving forward’. More on the promo menu at the end of the post.


Meanwhile, we had a chance to try some dishes recently from the regular menu.

What I like about the food here is that the flavours are unapologetically intense. Yes, it's going to be salty. Yes, it's going to be complex.

I wish I could say yes, it's going to be SPICY HOT. But no, the spicy heat seems to have been toned down to meet local palates. That is a pity. But hey, they do have the street style condiments - fish sauce, sugar, chili flakes, etc - for you to customise the taste just the way you like it. Most of the food doesn't need it though.


From the starters, we have this traditional bite-size snack wrapped in betel leaves. There's a strong hint of something fermented, akin to blue cheese. Turns out it's some sort of shrimp paste (quite different from ours). Just chew on it and observe the flavours morphing in your mouth. Trippy.


These are really good. Generous chunks of tender pork married with a good marinade. I love the smoky bits.

with cumin, coriander and turmeric

This is a must have. When you bite into this, you get the clear wagyu signature (aka those fabulous monounsaturated fats) on your tongue, along with a burst of spices. The skewers are nicely char-grilled and served with refreshing shallots. I'd come back for this.

herbs, shallots and chillies

When I see this many curry leaves, I am already in love. Crunchy chunks of prawn fritters to go with a tangy shallot and herb dressing. I need the whole plate to myself.

with chillies, garlic, cumin and coconut cream

We were recommended this, and it certainly did not disappoint. These lamb ribs will make your jaw drop from the first bite. The rich braising liquid both tames the lamb and enhances the fatty ribs. Interesting pickles too.

with crunchy pork and oyster sauce

A winner with everyone at the table, the gorgeously blanched vegetables came with succulent cubes of crispy pork belly. The oyster sauce binds it all together beautifully.

with three flavoured sauce

I could not stop eating this; I just love deep-fried fish coated in Asian inspired sauces. While it says three flavoured sauce, it's really more complex than that - sweet, salty and spicy with a mild acidity. The julienned ginger, curry leaves, turmeric and chili all provide beautiful aromatic notes.

with chillies, thai basil, cucumber and roti

Another dish with intense flavours; the beef has been richly infused with all the curry goodness. This would go just as well with rice. If the green curry is this good, I need to revisit and try the red curry. One of the guests told us they loved it.


We had so many good dishes but somehow I kept coming back to this pot of baked vermicelli. Comfort food for me.

with prawns, peanuts and beansprouts

I've been hunting for a good pad thai in Singapore, and just can't find one. I have to keep looking. The pad thai here looks great but doesn't quite knock your socks off. Sure it's got really fresh and good ingredients, but it's still missing that perfect balance of flavours.

They do have tom yum soup here (which respectable Thai eatery wouldn't?) but while it's pleasant, I really do miss the spicy kick that Thai style tom yum gives. You know, the kind that makes beads of sweat break out on your brow in a vain attempt to douse the flaming hot sensation.

Desserts were decent. Even though we were all so full, we couldn't help but try everything. Durian/Jackfruit ice cream with sesame wafer (centre) and the coffee ice cream were crowd pleasers. The Banana Roti (crispy prata with banana) comes doused with condensed milk for extra sweetness. One thing I do love are the thick shreds of young coconut the Thais put on desserts - makes our dessicated coconut look miserly. Mango sticky rice was okay.

Thai iced milk tea and iced tea go well with the meal.

Long Chim's bar programme include Thai inspired cocktails. Cocktails here are generally easy to drink (my alcohol threshold is seriously low). If you like mojito style drinks, try the 555 (right) which has coriander and cucumber.

Oh and when you're at Long Chim, make sure you pay a visit to the bathroom.

It's got beautiful graffiti painted by artists.

Also note the flooring outside near the entrance; the colourful and artistic tiles make an exquisite collage.

The whole environment at Long Chim has been designed to be edgy, vibrant and stylish. It may be street food but it's served in

So back to their first anniversary promo: on the 30th March, Long Chim will celebrate with special S$9 dishes and drinks all day from noon to midnight.

The 1st Birthday Menu includes:

Starters: grilled pork skewers / crunchy prawn cakes / dried prawns ginger toasted coconut in betel leaves / vegetable spring rolls / chiang mai larp of chicken

Noodles: prin’s noodle pork and prawn with sriracha sauce / charred rice noodle pork yellow bean and chinese broccoli / charred rice noodles beef onions and thai basil

Currries: green curry of chicken and thai eggplants / red curry of roast duck thai basil/ aromatic vegetable curry with cauliflower, tomatoes and shallots

Rice dishes: chicken biryani thai style with tomato and herb soup / grilled chicken sweet chilli sauce / fried rice with crab meat

Salads: grilled wagyu beef roasted rice and long leaf coriander / shredded cucumber with shrimp paste peanuts and tomato /grilled long eggplant with dried prawns andsteamed egg

Stir fried: minced beef chillies garlic holy basil fried egg /baby squid chillies green peppercorns and holy basil /siamese watercress garlic and yellow beans / Chinese broccoli crunchy pork and oyster sauce

Desserts: coffee ice cream / lod chong / banana roti / coconut cake

Cocktails: melrose fizz / bpk / tor kor mule / monsoon bird / 555 / thai pisco

Beer: Leo / Singha

Wines: Santa Digna Estelado Sparkling Rose Miguel Torres - Curico Valley, Chile / Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc Reserve Miguel Torres – Curico Valley, Chile / Gamekeeper’s Shiraz St Hallett – Barossa Valley, Australia

To book tables please email or call 6688 7299.


Long Chim has also opened in Perth at the most prestigious Hotel Como (that's the hotel we were speculating about on our Perth trip last year; it takes over the Treasury).

L2-02, Casino Atrium 2
Access via The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1:
-- Lift lobby between Mulberry & Hermès Watch Boutique
-- Lift lobby beside LA PERLA
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Tel: +65 6688-7299

Opening hours:
Lunch - Mondays to Fridays, from 11.30am to 2.30pm
Brunch - Sat & Sun 12pm to 4pm
Dinner - daily from from 5.30pm to 11pm.
The bar - 5.30pm until midnight, daily.

Many thanks to Long Chim for hosting the dinner
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