Monday, June 15, 2009

Tetsu Expands Its Menu

Messieurs et Mesdames, je vous présente filet de bœuf grillé! This Yakiniku (S$18.50) or grilled beef tenderloin is so good, it had me speaking another tongue! The beef is well-seared on the outside, but still juicy pink within. The dressing really adds punch to the whole ensemble. It's rather complex - Japanese BBQ-ponzu-miso-sesame-and je ne sais quoi - but oh so mouthwatering! Items like this now feature on Tetsu's new, expanded menu. This Japanese restaurant at Tanglin Mall used to specialise more in kushi-style tempura and tonkatsu, but customers started asking for other dishes as well. When you go there, you'll be presented with a huge menu with everything from sashimi to salads. Something for everyone. Kani Tofu - Crabmeat tofu with century egg But some of the classic favourites remain. The Kani Tofu (S$8), or crabmeat tofu with century egg is one. This is a pert little umami bomb. Crab, dashi, century egg, tobiko all combine to make this tiny piece of tofu the tastiest you've ever had. Cheesu Rosu - breaded pork loin with cheese Even the tonkatsu offerings have increased in variety. The "Cheesu Rosu" (S$16.50) - breaded pork loin with cheese - came highly recommended. The strong flavour of the cheese made me ask them what it was - wow, they use Gruyere, no less! This dish is proudly conceptualised by the restaurant manager Jason Koh himself. Not wanting to be outdone, the chefs came up with a cheese katsu roll (pork roll with cheese, carrots and asparagus). The tonkatsu quality here is pretty good. It stirred memories of our Katsukura meal in Kyoto. I really appreciate that they use a wire drainer/platter to elevate the katsu, so it doesn't get soggy. The pork loin is well-marinated, moist and tender, coated with good quality panko (breadcrumbs). Tetsu prides itself on precision frying and meticulous preparation. If the katsu is this good, I must come back and try the tempura. Sashimi moriawase Yes, now there's sushi and sashimi too. The Sashimi Moriawase (S$55) comes with seven types of seafood, and you get three pieces each, albeit dainty pieces. I'm not sure if the seafood varies, but it's generally the popular choices - salmon, maguro, hamachi, scallop, tai, mekajiki, tako, etc. Dragon roll Their Dragon Roll (S$16) is pretty popular. I think I waited too long to eat it as I was too busy photographing other things. It felt a bit loose, possibly due to the greens slipping off the nori (seaweed). It was not my favourite item but hubby enjoyed this tremendously. Nice jumbo prawn though. Gindara Saikyotsuke - grilled cod with miso Gindara Saikyotsuke (S$18.50) is cod that's marinated with miso for three days and then grilled. Very delicate texture. Zaru udon (cold udon noodles) The hiyashi udon (cold udon, S$6.80) is also slightly different. I guess it's supposed to be inaniwa udon, although it's thicker than most versions I've had. Slightly elastic and chewy texture, not too bad. But when it comes to udon in general, I've been forever ruined by Mentsu-dan, and I can't seem to find its equal in Singapore. Renkon (lotus root) chips We spied renkon (lotus root) chips (S$4) on the menu and could not resist. These are very finely shaved and heavily salted. Good beer snack. There's lots more on the menu - fugu mirin boshi (dried puffer fish), kawa ebi karaage, tai kabutoni (boiled red snapper head in sweet soya sauce), various nabemono (hotpots), and a small array of desserts. They have a private dining room that can seat 20 comfortably They have a private dining room that can seat about 20 comfortably. It's got floor to ceiling windows on one side, overlooking Tanglin Road (lovely during festival light-ups). Tetsu is at Tanglin Mall Decor is casually elegant, and service is generally decent and discreet. We saw Dr Tony Tan (former Deputy Prime Minister) among the guests. Tetsu also has value bento set lunches from S$18-S$22 on weekdays (11.30am - 3pm). Check out the menu here. Warmest thanks to the folks at Tetsu and Racheal from the PR agency for the invitation, and food recommendations. TETSU 163 Tanglin Road #03-18 Tanglin Mall Tel: 6836-3112 Open Daily: 11.30 am to 3pm (lunch); 6pm to 10pm (dinner)


  1. ur pics are very nice!! love the colour and angles..

  2. i had the dragon roll too and yea, i thought it was abit loose!

  3. Wow, another great entry on Japanese food. I am crazy over them, which is an acquired liking developed during my past 2 years in S'pore..being in Dublin, the Japanese food is nothing compared to the variety and taste found in S'pore..
    If I were to have only limited time to go Japanese food hopping in S'pore..
    what would be the TOP 5 must go Japanese restaurant you reckon?

  4. A nice Japanese restaurant. Love tonkatsu but never tried the cheese version before, assume it would be good. The lotus root looks good too. Nice photos!

  5. great photos! you make everything looks so good! i'm always hungry looking at them ;) trust me i'm a big fan...i even recognized Nadine and Jolie playing by the PCN - they are so adorable! I'll go vote now. All the best!

  6. I love the first pic where the grilled beef swims swimmingly in its own juices, rowing itself closer and closer to the viewer... What an inviting image! :d

  7. Doraemon: thank you!

    Evan: hmm, maybe it was a trainee chef we had!

    Sofood: perhaps one can try a few specialists like Kazu for kushi/sumiyaki, Miharu or Santouka for ramen, and Gyukaku for Japanese style BBQ.
    For general stuff, Chiharu and Wahiro are not bad. If you have deep wallets, check out Tatsuya, Shiraishi and Nogawa.

    Shel: Hey were you the cyclist who stopped to chat with Nadine on the PCN? Thanks for voting!

    LFB: haha yes it does look like it's crowding towards the viewer!

  8. Just adoring here sitting looking at your so awesomely captured photos! :)

  9. Your photos are just great, sharp and crystal clear...can't take my eyes of that Kani Tofu.

  10. BBO and ck lam: thank you very much! You guys have great photos too, I wish the food was nearer!


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