Saturday, June 28, 2008

Your three dream chefs are Jamie, Nigella and Bourdain!

Your dream chefs are Jamie, Nigella and Bourdain!
Who did you want most as your personal chef? Jamie Oliver! OK, he's popular but I was surprised that he streaked so far ahead in the poll. You folks really like him, don't you? In second place is Nigella, deliciously with 35 per cent of all votes. She gets my vote too, although I reckon I'll increase my weight by 35 per cent as well if she really did cook for me (how do her kids stay so thin??).

Anthony Bourdain comes in third, with almost a quarter of votes. I like Bourdain but I've rarely seen him cook (and nothing in the Les Halles cookbook really appeals to me, apart from the fries). But him in my kitchen? Yes, please!

What's interesting is that local celebrity chef Sam Leong has won far more votes than Thomas Keller, Joël Robuchon and Ferran Adrià! Even Chef Wan got votes - I put him in for a lark - but well, he's quite an entertaining character. I think my maid will be tickled pink to have him around!


  1. ah, i saw this book by gordon ramsay telling his story of how he became who-he-is now. Pretty interesting book to read.

    then there's this cookbook by nigella makes cooking seems so easy! lol

  2. Pretty shocked by the results. I really think it's because most people are only familiar with the Mickey Mouse chefs - i.e. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, etc. It seems the number of votes corresponds with the amount of tv exposure.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, Jamie is a fun guy and Nigella's love for all things cream and fat is very commendable, but come on! Keller and Adria are GENIUSES.

    Haha okay I'm sorry if this seems like an overreaction on my part, I truly didn't mean it that way. It's just...oh, the injustice!

    lol, cheers.

  3. The "...someone else" category.
    I believe it's Madam Camemberu :-)

  4. K-man, haha, no way, I am only good at eating!

    Anon: yeah, I'm surprised too but not exactly shocked. Jamie Oliver is there almost every time I switch on TV. How many of us have even experienced Keller or Adria?

    Ladyironchef: Gordon's got a few books, yes, and so does Nigella. It must be Nigella Express the one you're looking at. The one I've tried the most! It's great!


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