Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tom's Palette

Each scoop tightly packed into the cup
Tom's Palette needs no introduction. This homegrown ice cream parlour has been widely featured in the media since it started some years ago. I've tried them a couple of times before I started this blog. Since I was nearby yesterday, I decided to pop in and take some photos.

Churning out unusual flavours every day!
The shop owners are extremely friendly and warm. They let you try as many flavours as you like before you decide on which one you want. That's the tough part though - deciding on flavours, as almost every one of them is irresistible. I tested these:
* Strawberry - more creamy than sweet, with chunks of real strawberries
* Tangerine - the tangerine fizz comes across with bits of sweetened peel
* Horlicks - really concentrated malty goodness, even normal Horlicks doesn't taste this good!
* Cherry Almond - strong hint of maraschino cherries with potent almond fragrance
* Chocolate - the most intense cocoa sensation, tempered by milky richness
* Salted Caramel Cheesecake - aaah, who can say no to salted caramel? And cheesecake seals the deal! Just look, it's the tub that's most empty!
They also had Apple Pie (with hints of cinnamon), Rum & Raisin, Ed's Tea, Black Sesame and Mango, which I didn't try. Previously they brought out flavours including Chrysanthemum, Wasabi Lime, Tangy Basil, Red Date & Longan, Butter Pecan, Oreo Cheese, and Lavender.

Three sizes for you to choose
The folks at Tom's Palette experiment with different flavours each month, using as much natural ingredients as possible. They aim for similar richness and density as Italian gelato, but with only half the sugar as regular ice cream, and much less fat. Part of the cream is replaced with milk and they use only egg to emulsify the mixture. The ice-cream is handchurned and they only produce one tub per flavour each day.

Tom's Palette is at Shaw Towers, Beach Road
Good quality ice cream, creative flavours, wonderful service and prices that are easy on the wallet. What else could you ask for? Hmm, maybe bigger premises and even more flavours (including your favourite ones to remain permanent?). Well, that just might be possible. They're renovating and expanding soon but it also means they'll be closed three weeks from June 9 (this coming Monday) to July 1! Go load up on takeaway packs to last you these few weeks!

100 Beach Road #01-25
Shaw Tower/Shaw Leisure Gallery
Tel: 6296-5239
Mon-Thu: 11am - 8.30pm
Fri & Sat: 11am - 10.30pm
(Closed on Sundays)


  1. The Salted Caramel Cheesecake sounds really good... and I'm not surprised it's nearly all gone! Again, my lament --- How come we don't have this in KL??? :(

  2. The salty caramel cheesecake is really good! It's my fav there! :) But of coz the vanilla is no lesser!

    Once eaten ice cream from Tom's, nary all the others! :D

  3. Shaw Tower is one of those places that I can't find a reason to visit.

    OK, now I have a reason to! :P

  4. I seldom go to Shaw Tower so I didn't know about this place. Thanks for the tip though.

    Thanks for your concern for my son. He’s home from the hospital. We are relieved to know the cause of his abdominal pains and that it is not life-threatening.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Ahh... this place will be nearer for me than to go all the way to sunset way for Daily Scoops ice cream! Shall try this out soon.

    I've just tried Cedele's new range of ice cream, their caramel with sea salt flavor is quite addictive.

  6. Hi, I am a regular drifter to yr blog.......luv yr pix!!!....absolute feast for the eyes..the "icing" is yr generous sharings of recipes and yr muses abt life and such.....reading yr blog is to me, somehwat akin to reading chicken soup for the soul...awesome!!! Thanks !!!

  7. omg! i know what you are going to say when i say this, i haven try tom platette before!!

    I heard a lot about them but so far didn't got the chance, partly because of their location i guess : (

  8. its v v near suntec and do try their oreo cheese... its nice!

  9. I have only tried the 1 flavor which I don't remember the name now - Grandma something...which was good.

    Have to wait till July to try the other flavors now, will definitely give the sea salt caramel a try in future.

  10. wow...looks good.
    I like a large cup double scoop...

  11. i read ur review about the food.
    seriously, i think there is something wrong with ur taste bud.


  12. Kenny: hehe, you can start one in KL and have saucy readings there as well!

    Ice: wah Tom's is your abso-favouritest huh?

    Southernoise: hey there's also Tkfoto upstairs, ish where I got my camera bag.

    ECL: happy weekend too!

    Didally: yeah, Sunset Way is way too far. Cedele has ice cream?? Mmmh, must try their caramel with sea salt!

    Drifter: many thanks for your high praise! Glad you enjoy this blog!

    LIC: lol it's ok. I haven't tried most of the places you blog about either!

    Dictator: I wish some of their flavours would stay put! Didn't see any Oreo cheese that day!

    Carolyn: must be Granny's Favourite or something.

    Kay: ah sigh, I'm craving some today already. Need to wait three weeks now.

    Anonymous: Natalie, you are free to think whatever you like. Thank you for visiting.

  13. will try this one within the week:)


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