Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garuda and first photoless food post

Mother-in-law had what we feared might be a heart attack early this morning. Warded in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for tests and observation. So I didn't bring any camera out today. After visiting her, we went for a quick dinner at nearby Vivocity (hubby refused to eat at the hospital food court). Took a chance on Garuda Padang Cuisine (by Tung Lok) and were pleasantly surprised that it was not bad. Well, Tung Lok Group chief Andrew Tjioe is Indonesian after all.

Despite not intending to blog any meal today, I just have to mention the food because it is pretty good value for restaurant dining. Here's what we had:
* Lovely sayur lodeh (S$5) with chopped young nangka/jackfruit, chayotes (labu siam) and belinjo seeds - items not usually seen here.
* Rendang Daging Sapi (S$7) - robust beef rendang stewed until the flavour has completely penetrated the meat.
* Ayam kampung goreng bumbu - deep-fried kampung chicken with delicious crispy galangal floss (S$4.80 per piece)
* Sambal teri tempe (S$6) - crispy fried tempe sambal with peanuts and whitebait
* Pergedel sapi (S$1.50 each) - this must be the creamiest, smoothest pergedel or begedil I've tasted, almost like yam paste!
* Complimentary chicken curry gravy - so very lemak and tasty!
The food is not spicy hot, but very richly flavoured. All served in a pleasingly chic, elegant environment with white leather seats. And, they provide iced water here. Hurrah.

First photoless food blog. Doesn't quite work, does it? lol

I will most certainly be back to take photos to do this place justice. Eyeing the sambal udang petai even though I know rest of family won't touch it!

#B2-28 Vivocity
1 Harborfront Walk
Tel: 6376-9595
(the main outlet is at Cairnhill Place)

MIL is back home after more than 24 hours in a very cramped ward filled with elderly folks. The doctors aren't sure what happened but fortunately she is stable now, albeit feeling feeble and weak. I think they can't do much, due to her age - she's going to be 81 next week!


  1. ooo.. this looks like really good value... i'll pick this over the foodcourt at vivocity! just having the sambal udang petai and rice is enough. :) yes... it just seems weird without a photo... it's always nice to be greeted by a picture. but anyways, seeing the words "sambal udang petai" is enough... haha...

  2. I hope your mother-in-law is ok.

  3. Thank you, guys! Mom-in-law is back home now, discharged really early! Principal diagnosis of acute bronchitis along with some heart related issues. Docs said it was better she rest at home, with her slight fever. We're glad anyway. It was not a nice ward they put her in.

    Anonymous: hahaha, exactly! Sambal udang petai! magic words!

  4. Glad to hear your MIL is feeling better.
    Give me sambal petai anytime,hehehehehehe and you may have the udang :))

  5. i know how you feel, like quite disabled and weird without taking photo yes? haha

    i experience it twice, the first time at french stall which i forgot to bring my cam out, and the second time at kuishinbo when i bring my camera, but forget to bring the battery! lol

  6. Hi Camemberu, best regards to you MIL, hope she will be totally fine soon!

    The must try for your next visit to Garuda is the beef tendon curry. It is the best I have eaten in Singapore.

  7. Hi Camemberu, glad to know that your MIL is much better now! :)


  8. So many things happened while I was away. Glad your MIL's ok now.

    Stay strong!
    [eat well, and you will be healthy and strong to take care of everyone :-) ]

  9. Thanks for the concern for my MIL. She seems much better now, although the hospital diagnosis was quite wrong (she does not have bronchitis) and the prescribed antibiotics made her worse after she got home. We stopped those and she got better.

    TTC: thanks for the tip on beef tendon curry!

    K-man: haha, more excuses to EAT!


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