Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill

Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill
I must be the last person or foodie to explore Dempsey Hill. I have my reasons. Apart from the hefty S$30+ return cab costs, the other deterrent is the steady stream of stories of how the eateries there are merely expensive hangouts for the well-heeled. But hubby had a chance to experience Jones the Grocer one day via work, and he liked it enough to bring the family there.

We came for lunch at noon. Only to find they serve breakfast til 3pm, so we did not get to try the open-faced wagyu sandwich we were aiming for. Still, breakfast looked good. We sat ourselves down in the indoor tuckshop amidst the eclectic clientele. Though it was quite crowded and bustling, the tall roof ceilings gave the place spatial respite.

Toasted bagel with smoked salmon, rocket, watercress and avocado
I'm glad I can't resist smoked salmon. This was quite delicious. The Woodbridge smoked salmon - so smooth, so meltingly soft and light - is probably one of the most delicate I've had. The greens provided crunch and a peppery aftertaste. Incredibly, the toasted bagel was soft and easy to chew. I could even feed Nadine some (but Jolie will have to wait). My only grouse was that the avocado was not fresh - it had turned a messy goop of brown. Haven't these guys heard of lemon juice? On hindsight, I should have sent it back to the kitchen instead of pretending it was vegetarian foie gras. Sometimes I need to be more fussy! Quality control ought to be better at S$13.50.

Jones English Breakfast - slice of sourdough, butter, smoked bacon, two pork sausages, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a whole lotta scrambled egg
Hubby had the Jones English Breakfast (S$20). It comes with a most sunny, crusty slice of sourdough bread, butter, delicious curls of smoked bacon, two pork sausages, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a whole lotta scrambled egg. The works, literally. My, the eggs were so lush and satiny, it must have been scrambled with heavy cream instead of milk!

Killer iced mocha
Mmmh. The iced mocha with devilish swirls of chocolate at the bottom and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top is to die for. Not overly sweet but rich nonetheless. S$6.50 well spent.

The trademark walk-in cheese room
Ah, the artisanal cheeses in their temperature and humidity controlled walk-in room. I did not dare go in. My credit card would take a severe beating if I did. Jones has some fairly interesting premium products in the deli, charcuterie and butchery. It really makes Cold Storage look like Shen Shiong, the discount supermarket. There were so many things we wanted to take home but in the end, we decided the breakfast alone was enough of a treat.

Blk 9 #01–12
Dempsey Road
Tel: 6476-1512
Open daily: 9.30am to 11.00pm (up to 6pm on Mondays)


  1. I think there's a shuttle which goes into Dempsey from Thai Embassy, stopping last at the busstop opp Gleneagles before turning in Dempsey. I'm not too sure but there's a schedule on the House's website.

    The eggs look devilishly delicious. :)

  2. yeah the eggs look really good, but its kind of expensive at $20.

  3. I think as long as you avoid the "Jones the Grocer" branded products, your credit card should be OK. They merely take a decent product and mark it up to the price level of the extraordinary. It is more than insanity, it is ridiculous, particularly when similarly good or even better products are available (admittedly with a little legwork) at other locations at less than half the price.

  4. You are not the last, cos I haven't been there yet. lol

    It's quite out of the way for me.

  5. Ice: thanks for the tip! But still awkward for families with prams (especially with impatient hubbies who refuse to wait for buses).

    Yes, Dempsey is not exactly family-friendly in the first place. Getting there is without a car is even more daunting.

    LIC: That's ok. Just buy one dozen eggs at S$2 and make your own.

    Anon: Thanks, good to know that. Ah, what we pay for "branding".

    Didally: haha, plight of those who stay in the east!

  6. cam & didally: ha no plight! I stay in the West too! Cam, you're not the last to explore Dempsey!

  7. tea lovers oughta try the french earl grey.. very delectable... mild floral tea with a hint of lychee after taste..

  8. im never going, cos there isnt anything there that really interest me.

  9. for all those without car, Jones the Grocer has a new store at the Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road, Level 4.

  10. I liked the pictures, mainly the iced mocha...yummy.
    In general I think that Dempsey Hill is THE place today in Singapore for nice dining.
    I found this link that place all the Dempsey Hill restaurants in one page.


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