Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Foodgawker - Homage to Tastespotting

Foodgawker - homage to Tastespotting
I've been waiting for this! Someone has taken up the baton, to carry on where Tastespotting left off. Hurrah! Foodgawker.com. Yeah, sure, it looks more blockish and blunt (a Wordpress template!), with a name that isn't as punchy and elegant, but the photos, oh, the photos, are as glorious as ever! Kudos to Sunday Nite Dinner, a blogger that I like too, for putting up and managing the site. Now spread the word - Foodgawker.com. Thanks very much to a reader who highlighted this.


  1. the pic/bog were so good that i pop opened my frig at 2am hoping for something decent
    this site is going to do some serious damage to my ongoing diet...best viewed after your meal

  2. thank you thank you for this info!
    finally...! i was kinda' having withdrawal symptoms last week.. heh!


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