Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ah Chuan Oyster Omelette

Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Omelette
Ah Chuan's Oyster Omelette. Finally. Third time's the charm, as they say. Been here two times earlier and it was closed. My own fault for not properly checking the opening hours/days. I am glad I finally got to try this Makansutra Legend. Because it means I no longer need to come here again. Ever. It is simply not worth travelling all the distance for.

OK, sure, there was certainly something tasty in the flavouring. Problem is, it wasn't evenly distributed.

My request for "extra crispy" met with a puzzled "Har!?" and resulted in more charred omelette pieces. Oysters were fresh, yes, but not very large, and few and far in between. Overall portion is also rather small for S$4. But even so, I had difficulty finishing it. OK, OK, I did just eat a lot of rojak too, so I wasn't too hungry to start with. It was very satiating though. I had to wait about a week before posting this. Felt too queasy just looking back at the photos.

At Blk 22 Toa Payoh Lorong 7
Maybe I have lost my fervour for this grease-bomb. Oyster omelette doesn't seem to be such a treat these days. My system doth protest the liver-fattening aftermath. But hey, there's still Ah Hock at Whampoa to check out.

Blk 22 Toa Payoh Lorong 7
Stall #01-25
Open 3pm - 9pm (no, don't go there for lunch)
Closed Tuesdays


  1. It does look incredibly oily! But your pic of it is really nice though. :)

  2. Indeed! I can spot a lil pool of oil in the left bottom corner... Wah, grease bomb fer sure... :P

  3. oh no! camemberu can has food fatigue?

  4. Looking for crispy ones?

    I have tasted one from bedok camp hawker centre, not too bad, though the stall is not specialising in this...

  5. I like this 1 leh and it is not oily that day at 5pm.Try Whampoa one but must inform uncle you want very crispy.Yes it came very crispy n oysters were fresh.

  6. Wei: thanks!

    Kenny: haha, yes, pool of oil. Grease diving, anyone?

    Southernoise: I'm hoping it's just oyster omelette fatigue! But yes indeed, some days I don't even know what I feel like eating!

    Anon: is this the bedok food centre at the corner road? yes, crispy is key!

    Smart: hmm, so some days not oily? OK lah, if I ever am around, maybe I try them a second time. Thanks for the tip on the Whampoa uncle.

  7. yr pictures are getting better and better! i think i still got lots to learn, not maximizing the potential of my dslr yet. lol

  8. i've tried the whampoa one yesterday. it's an extremely miniscule portion at $4.00 with two small oysters. tastewise it's not too bad but i wouldn't travel all the way to eat that.

  9. You asked for extra crispy and you complain it's your fault how can order something which is already very crispy and fantastic to be extra crispy.You should let masters do their work and taste first that's what foodies are suppose to do.You did not taste his original version.How can you review...this is your version,what you asked for, not the masters style.????

  10. Anonymous: Who is to dictate what foodies are supposed to do? Can't someone ask for what they like? What if I had been recommended by makangurus to request for the extra crispy version? I had no problem with the charred and crispy bits. My main quibble is with the uneven seasoning.


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