Friday, June 6, 2008

Golden Onion Rings from McDonald's

Onion rings from McDonalds
I love onion rings. Even when I know they won't be good, I have to try them. Well, these were surprisingly all right, despite being from McDonald's and part of the Kung Fu Panda movie tie-in promotion. Some might find them a little bland but there's at least a real slice of sweet onion inside the crispy batter. Kinda like a vegetarian's calamari. Only dislike - the miserly portion for S$3.05. But I still prefer these "Harmony Blooms" to BK's pulverised-onion rings.

Update: OK I tried these a second time at a different branch and they SUCKED big time! Overly thick batter and onion slices too large. Quality control clearly is not in the new or temporary products at McD's!


  1. Hi Camemberu,

    Agree with you on the measly portion! Had a craving for it, despite knowing it may not be healthy for a mom-to-be! How did you get through 2 pregnancies foodwise? I am suffering, especially since I work full time and haven't a chance to go for home cooked meals!

    Love your blog!

  2. You would NEVER catch ME eating in a McDonalds. Of course, I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF.

  3. Please excuse my girlfriend chiffOnade. She is just angry because she was recently fired from a McDonalds for stealing.

    Then she gets to drinking and types stupid stuff on blogs.

    Actually, she is working again, now at a collection agency getting people who are late on their car payments.

  4. I too love onion rings from anywhere. Well done on a nice blog. Keep on blogging and burping. And good luck with the birth.
    Regards Sally, from

  5. onion rings > french fries. i didn't realize mcd's had them...though i must say i really like the bk zesty sauce.

  6. I love Onion Rings, these look fab and I could eat a portion or two right now :) BTW well commented BigBear, I couldnt have said it better. Chiff0nade deserves a big put down. Ive seen her comments on other blogs as well. She says you will never catch her eating IN a McDonalds. Thats because she probably buys super sized to go meals and pigs out in private :) Nice blog, well done.

  7. you got it right on the portion, i was pretty surprised at how little it was for the price!

    i still think (fast-food wise) that carl's junior has the best onion rings!

  8. Sonic: Ah, I know how you feel. I worked during my first pregnancy and it was very tough (my immunity actually wore out and I was prescribed bed rest towards the end!). Second pregnancy, I decided to take it easier. First baby underweight, second baby roly poly. Take care and congrats on the baby!

    Chiff0nade/BigBear: sigh, now I have crazy Yanks spewing mental diarrhoea on my blog. Thanks for the schizo entertainment.

    Anon/Sally: thank you!

    Becky: the McD ones are probably temporary. Didn't know BK had zesty sauce!

    Anon: lol

    Harris: ah, haven't had Carl's Jr in a long while! :) Must get their onion rings next time.

  9. I too always have to try onion rings, even though I don't like them half the time... what's with that?!

    Anyway - if you're an onion ring fan, I can really recommend the ones at Relish (the burger joint at Cluny Court) - best yet...


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