Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yong Hup delivers local snacks!

Yong Hup local snacks, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Are you a junk food junkie? What kind of snacks do you like? Me, all kinds. Two weeks ago, I revisited the website of local snack manufacturer Yong Hup which has been taking orders online and making deliveries islandwide for a few years now. Free delivery for orders of S$10 (each pack is S$2).

I took a chance, to see how well they would fare. So, late one Friday night, I keyed in my order, not expecting much. Wow, the very next day, I got calls from them confirming my order and that very Saturday afternoon, they delivered to my doorstep! That's literally fulfilment in less than 24 hours! I'm impressed! Some of the packs felt warm and freshly sealed too!

You may have tasted some of their snacks (used to be available at Watson's). Here's a quick review of each.

Fish crackers - huge pack, but if you eat too much at one sitting, your tongue may go numb a little
Indonesian prawn crackers - nice, tasty
Surimi crackers - interesting, tastes a bit like crabmeat
Vegetable chips - light-tasting but a certain spiciness builds up as you eat

Prawn sticks - yuck, some sticks are tough and chewy, tastes more like fish too
Curry tapioca - delicious, although I've had better
Fish balls/sticks - dense and crunchy
Fine murukku - oh, addictive!
Chili tapioca - not bad, loaded with spicy sambal, peanuts and anchovies
Star murukku - not so nice, rather bland

And no, I didn't eat ALL of them at one go!



  1. oh my - thanks for this :D

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  3. Yong Hup products are OK but inconsistent. They also don't stand by their product when somethign is not right:

    My office colleagues and I bought about $100+ worth of snacks together. I ate the fish ball/sticks. I opened mine and ate. Tasted a bit sharp with a bitter after taste. Thought it was wierd, but I just kept on eating feeling unhappy - that this is the last time I'd buy this from them. Later, a friend came by and ate some and she commented that mine tasted different from another colleagues. We tried heres and sure enough it wasn't as tasty. I called the company up and Joey answered.

    I explained the situation. She said she can do a one for one exchange. I 'fessed up that it will not be one for one because it's 2/3 to 1/2 eaten (unhappily). she said: "Oh! like that, I can't exchange already." I said that it's sad that she won't stand by their product even when it's inconsistent and this one is not cooked right. She said it's not that, but that I had only eaten a few pieces, she could exchange but so much, cannot.

    I said that it's OK, but for $3.50, you've just lost a customer.

    I recall Gardenia bread sending a person all the way to my home to exchange a loaf of white bread because it was mouldy before expiry date. One loaf of bread! $1.85! Outstanding believe that their product cannot be blemished, and they will get to the bottom of it! I am a loyal customer because they stood by their product.

    So, Yong Hup, I need to wish you all the best. You will probably need it. Cause you can't stand by your product and make good what little that is not right.


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