Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lemme Outta Da Hospital!

Ascetic 1800-calorie diet!, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I had to sign my own hospital discharge form today, "against medical advice" - they wanted to keep me there longer but honestly, it was pointless idling in the ward when my tests seem OK. The doctors were a bit overly cautious, especially new ones that had never seen my file before (documenting all my high-risk factors). But really, all I needed was some medication to help control my pregnancy induced hypertension.

Anyway, glad to be home! I am not doing a feature on hospital food - most of us would rather not be reminded of cardboard cuisine, I think. Most of it I could only eat when imagining myself as an ascetic monk or nun, for whom this would be a veritable feast! But one plus point is - I have a renewed sense of appreciation for all foods previously thought mundane. Flavours previously taken for granted now come flooding back!



  1. yupe, cardboard cuisine is really bad...take care, ya! :>

  2. Cardboard cuisine... u mean the Pao from china? Ha ha just a joke. Stay home n have plenty of rest. Need anything ask hubby to Ta Pao lor.

  3. smart: haha, I suspect the cardboard hoax pao from China if it existed, may even taste better than hospital food! Yeah, I will have to take it easy a bit from now. Too bad hubby in reservist cannot ta pao for me!

  4. hope you're well now~ take care and all the best to the both of you!


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