Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sin Ming Roti Prata

Prata kosong - crispy bites!, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Oh praise the heavens, infinity and beyond! I have found my favourite roti prata place in Singapore. The rather famous Sin Ming Roti Prata serves up really crispy yet fluffy prata with just the right amount of chew. And pairs it up with some really good curry - the fish one is extra tasty. Texture, taste, aroma, appearance - this prata excels in all important aspects!

Egg prata, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The egg version is also quite tasty, goes very well with the curries. It isn't soggy and still retains a small amount of crispiness on the outside.

Cheese-mushroom prata, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

They have a wide variety of fillings for the prata (even cashew nuts, sardine or strawberry). We took the cheese-mushroom one and I was glad to see they didn't stint on ingredients. There was enough cheese inside to coat the whole prata but not cloyingly so. Delicious even on its own.

We also packed some nasi briyani back for lunch - fish, chicken and mutton. A lot of people eat this there, and I saw that the rice looked nice. Even after steeping in its own heat as takeaway, the rice grains retained their fluffiness and bite. Beautifully fragrant with lots of chopped herbs, shallots and spices!

Delicious mutton curry, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I got a huge bowl of mutton curry for my portion. All the curries are thick, flavourful and very satisfying. The fish one was particularly tangy, the chicken was decent but I think I still preferred my mutton version best - the meat too, was meltingly tender. Best of all, I did not get any "jelak" (satiated) feeling even after polishing off my entire meal.

So there you go, two nice specialties from one shop. Next time I go, I will whack 3 prata kosongs for myself alone and maybe share a briyani. Hehe. Oh, yes, be prepared to queue on weekends, possibly for more than half an hour. But it is worth it. Alternatively go after 10.30am when the breakfast crowd tapers off.

The small army of guys there operate very efficiently, and are still friendly despite having to cope with so many customers. No loss of graciousness either - despite being a self-service joint (and a busy one at that), one boss carried my orders to my table because I was pregnant. I didn't have to lift a finger. They also helped families who had many little children. How rare to get such service in the heartlands. Thumbs up!

Block 24 Sin Ming Drive #01-51
Open daily 6.30am - 8pm (website now says 8pm although I remember they closed at 1.30pm previously and run out sometimes even before lunchtime)



  1. Friendly not experience. Fish curry not suitable for me, taste odd. Can agree that the roti prata is crispy.I prefer the one outside at Thompson near the post office.

  2. I love curry but not talll rice :(
    I think Japanese rice is not good combination as well, Indian bread is best!

  3. smart: ah, so they are not always friendly? Maybe only to women and children. Hehe. The one outside...not the Prata House issit? I am so unfamiliar with Thomson area.

    Taro: oh, you don't like long-grain rice? I agree Japanese rice is not ideal for curries too. Yes, Indian bread is best!

  4. Hi there! Great photos..I am a foodie too but only HALAL food. If u have any great HALAL food tips, do drop me a note. Thks! Great work!

  5. you should try this prata place,
    its really really good! :)

    Riyadh Muslim Food
    Blk 32, Defu Lane 10
    Stall 12, Soon Soon Lai Eating House

  6. Roti prata house near thompson post office is quite expensive and you do need to wait very long. really, this one is also business of Casuarina? The older Casuarina shop at the private houses at James cook university and prata place at Springleaf provide better service.

  7. Hi you should try Indian Rojak Stall at Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio it very good and nice to eat.

  8. Yay! Looks yummy. I would want to try this at home. Thank you for sharing your Roti Prata food experience. ;)

  9. You could certainly slurp down some of the MRE Entrees on the move. Might be a mess, but Chili with Beans, Sloppy Joe, etc. could definitely be eaten cold, out of the corner of the pack. Some of the Entrees are in bigger chunks that wouldn't be conducive to eating that way. The First Strike Rations are hard to come by -- they are purely military issue, and to my knowledge aren't readily commercially available. large scale catering

  10. omg i love this prata its so awesome i could live on it for the rest of my life!!!! :D we go there everytime we visit singapore
    the prata is beautifully crispy and chewy and it melts in your mouth :)

  11. if u dont like fish get chicken curry instead cos its also completely yummy!! i always drown a few pieces of my prata in the curry. its goooooooood
    try it.

  12. why cant u hav this stuff in australia? everything there sucks. the prata tastes like an oily piece of cardboard, costs four times as much, and makes you want to hit your head on a brick wall with disappointment and despair

  13. :D <-- thats how the prata makes me feel

  14. amen to that! i totally agree with this whole article
    if you havent tasted this prata, your life is not complete/empty/sad/you live in a hole.
    seriously, just go eat it. for your own sake. so you die happy


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