Sunday, November 11, 2007

Swiss Backerei at Frankel Avenue

UPDATE April 2009: I went back to revisit, and they no longer have the croissant with the set. The rosti, sadly, was even more burnt. Breads still good though.

Rosti with bratwurst, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Ah, I wish I discovered this place earlier. Finally a nice breakfast joint! Swiss Backerei is a casual little bakery cum cafe along Frankel Avenue with some awesome breads and grub. It's a small but cosy place. There are just 4-5 tables inside and two outside, so dine-in seating is limited.

The rosti with bratwurst (S$14.90 for set meal) is a greasy platter but oh-so-delicious. The grated potato is well-seasoned and fried real crisp. I like my stuff a little bit burnt, so this was just right for me. The sausage was yummy with that coveted snap of the casing.

They have croques (sandwiches topped with Gruyere cheese and grilled) with different fillings. I chose the mushroom one (S$11.90 for set meal, S$9.90 a la carte) and it was another decadent indulgence. Lots of pan-fried mushrooms on good bread smothered with melted cheese on top.

The two meals above were sets, which mean they come with a croissant (butter or wholemeal) plus coffee or tea. The croissants were just heavenly - fragrant, soft, fluffy and crisp. The homemade strawberry jam (with thick cuts of fruit in them) had a tinge of orange or lemon in it that lifted it beyond the realm of ordinary jams.

Service too, was warm and wonderful. A sweet elderly waitress gave Nadine some animal-shaped cookies, which she enjoyed. Swiss Backerei also has a deli counter with meats and sausages. As for the baked goods section, there's lots of enticing stuff to choose from. The six-grain bread with cheese (S$5.20) is a treat for the tastebuds. Light yet addictive, good enough to eat on its own. Seriously, this place beats the Swiss Bake chain anytime for better food and more authentic eats!

97 Frankel Avenue
Open daily 7.30am to 7.30pm
Tel: 6441-8766



  1. All the carbos! I love rosti. The croques with melted cheese... *drooling*

  2. I have to try the rosti with looks so good!!!

    Anyway, almost every food item looks as good here or is it that your photography skill is doing the food more justice than it should have been?


  3. didally - go indulge!

    Keevy - yes, do try the rosti! Well, if the food looks good, it's compliments to the chef, not to my camera skills! :P

  4. wow, this looks reely delicious! must try! thanks for this lovely recommendation.

  5. Think they removed the croissant with the set... I asked for the croissant but they say the set doesn't come with it.... :(

  6. Puay Hing, you're right. No more croissant with the set. I went back a couple months ago. Wanted to update but got distracted. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Butter Croissant or wholemeal still available as a set.


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