Monday, November 19, 2007

Bedok S$2 Eats: Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodles

In this day and age of increasing prices (especially that of flour and chicken skyrocketing of late), I was quite surprised to find that there are still S$2 cheap eats to be had. And in just one day, I found three in Bedok alone. But how do they fare?

First one up is Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodles. S$2 gets you a bowl of noodles with two wantans, one meatball, lots of minced pork and spring onions in a robustly flavoured soup.

Apparently local actress Patricia Mok grew up loving these (featured in Coffee Talks, Hawker Woks). The TV episode showed irresistibly springy, al dente noodles. What I got were quite a bit softer (some young boy was doing the cooking). On the whole, the dish was OK but it wasn't mind-blowing. What was surprisingly good though were the wantans - a tinge of salted fish or something in the mix added an intense burst of flavour. It called to mind the flavourful wantans I'd tasted as a kid near my grandmother's place in KL.

Interestingly, they only serve "bak chor mee" in soup. I hear if you ask for the dry version, you may get ticked off by the lady (I didn't try my luck). Overall, it's a decent meal but I still felt like something else after eating. Maybe I should have gone for the S$3 version. And next time, I'll ask for firmer noodles. Note that they only open until lunchtime.

Blk 216, Bedok North St 1 #01-58
Bedok Central Market and Food Centre
Opening hours: 7am – 2pm



  1. Good to know that you are doing fine and out and about eating again! I think I know what you meant by the 'salted fish' in the wantons. It's most probably ti po (bian yu) and I love it too!

  2. yupe, it's called "jor hou yu" or one-sided fish (flatfish)in cantonese. a very refreshing taste! heard a lot about this place but have not tried before though.

  3. Hungrycow/Nic: Ahh, flatfish! So that's what that magic ingredient is. Thanks! :)

  4. Love to go for food that is cheap yet good! Anyway, it's my first time here, bloghopped from liquidshadow. Nice foodieblog you have there! :)

  5. Welcome, zhengning! :) Glad you like it here, and yes, cheap and good food is always a happy find!

  6. shld try Bedok north road 85 market bak chor mee!

  7. The 85 market bak chor mee standard has dropped tremendously. 216 market bak chor mee is the best! I can have 2 or 3 bowls without feeling sick! You should see the LONG queue during weekends!

  8. 85 bak chor mee standard is down the drain, 216 market is the BEST.

  9. tried and confirmed good stuff! find this one better than 85 market bak chor mee lo. Worth to queue! =)

  10. Best bar chor mee around now - even my 20 months old baby girl love it. Their meat is fresh,u can really taste it. way better than the others around. enjoy.

  11. Glad you guys are enjoying the bak chor mee!


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