Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Vil'age, only a faint shadow of Marche

Marche's been gone from The Heeren for a long time. Never thought I'd miss it but having tried The Vil'age (its replacement), I'd have to say I wish Marche was still there. The Vil'age seems to have kept almost the very same menu items as Marche but it's just not the same. Now that it's been some time, we came again to see if things may have improved. Sadly, no.

One of the things we remembered fondly about Marche was the waffles. Here, the waffles with bananas and ice-cream (still Movenpick) paled in comparison. Marche's waffles seemed richer, thicker and fluffier, the bananas riper and the caramel sauce much more generous.

Swedish rosti, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Even the rosti (another popular favourite) is a pale imitation. Somehow the potato shreds are not as dense, tasty or well-fried. Portion even looks smaller. Sliced onions are fresh though but who eats rosti for the onions? Ah well. I suppose there's still Marche Vivocity if we really want that familiar comfort of a good, gigantic Swiss hash brown.

UPDATE Jan 2008: Vil'age at The Heeren has closed. Not sure for good or if they have just moved.



  1. Rosti is Swiss.

    In fact, a lot of swiss consider it one of their national dish.

  2. Ah thanks. Sorry, pregnancy amnesia gets me confusing even simple things these days...

  3. i am afraid the Vivocity Marche uses a different variety of potato for its rosti. I recall from the news report they wanted something that looks very nice and golden. Unfortunately, it looks bland to me (i like the crisp brownness of the old rosti) and tastes worse.

  4. Oh no! Why do they always mess with stuff that's not broken!?

  5. Ah found the article:

    "...while American Russet potatoes were used in its two now-defunct outlets in The Heeren Shops and Suntec City, it now uses more expensive Yukon Gold potatoes from Canada.

    The dish looks beautifully golden-yellow and tastes crispier on the outside..."


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