Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Eunos 1A Seng Kee Minced Meat Noodles: Fish Maw Soup and Pork Ribs

This is a popular place for bak chor mee (minced meat noodles) and opens only in the day (7am to 4.30pm). It also serves a really good fish maw soup and pork rib noodles, so that's what I came for today. But I had no idea the fish maw soup was in such a large serving (S$10/12) which would have been enough for four to share. The waitress recommended that I take the fish maw soup with noodles (dry) at S$7 and add a S$2 portion of pork ribs.

The pork ribs were stewed until the meat all but threatened to fall away once picked up. Even the soft bones were tender and powdery...if only it had a bit more crunch to it - I love chewing soft bones, even very hard ones (oh well, I may have been a dog in a past life). In terms of flavour, I still prefer the stewed pork at Leong Kee's. The noodles were quite good even if slightly wet and soft. I really liked the sambal but both that and the gravy had an overpowering layer of oil. I wished there were more noodles though. I think it was all gone in five mouthfuls. Boy was I glad I had the big bowl of soup to fill me up.

Fish maw soup, originally uploaded by Camemberu.
This was a large bowl with a large spoon. Generous clumps of fish maw pieces and minced meat adorned the cloudy, flavourful soup. The flavour is quite intense but almost too umami, if that's even possible. I'm quite sure the sweetness of the soup was not all from boiling scallops and pork bones (a lot of vendors add sugar to their soups, even for something as bland as yong tau foo). I sensed a distinct sugar high after eating this and had to walk it off a bit.
Still yet to try the bak chor mee, but that's a story for another day.

316 Changi Road (in a row of shophouses)
Open daily 7am to 4.30pm
Tel: 6345-7561
(they may be closed on certain days, which they will announce via posters in the shop)

UPDATE: they have moved to
Serangoon Gardens Food Centre, Stall no. 4. 
Open 7.30am to 3pm (closed Mondays).
Tel: 84390434


  1. I ate fish maw soup in Bangkok but I didn't like it:( It is a little bit sweet and sticky soup, isn't it?

  2. Hi Taro, the soup can vary quite a bit. This version above, for example, is watery and not sticky. I think fish maw is eaten more for its texture and health benefits - the Chinese believe it helps circulation, complexion, relieves cough and that the collagen it contains strengthens limbs.

  3. Ah I didn't know the advantage of it. So If I am oppotunated to, I should take it on lunch when I have hangover :D

  4. This uncle is very very particular of his soup. If you ask him if he uses a lot of sugar for his soup, he would be quite upset. Pork bones and old mother hen and quality dried scallops are used and only grade A1 fish maw. Yes some people complain that his soup is too rich but he refuses to lower his standards.

  5. Didn't know they serve nice fish maw and pork ribs noodles.

    I like their bak chor mee. I used to work at that area. And my colleagues would go and queue for us first. They gotta queue for 45 mins. We call it the kong kong mee, cos the uncle literally kong his plate whenever he puts down his ladle. And when he pours soup into the bowl, he lifts his ladle so high up that I think the whole stall will have his soup stains including himself. LOL

  6. LOL didally, sure sounds like the old man knew how to make an impression!

    Wah, need to queue so long? I guess I must have been lucky that day.

  7. Saw them featured in channel 8 food show just now. I only realised they have moved away from the usual kopitiam i went a few years ago. Didn't know they have their own shop front now. Really love their soup bak chor mee.

  8. i really appreciate those people to loves my daddy bak chor mee! thanks alot! (=


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