Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OMG! You *HAVE TO* listen to this!

Only six years old, but what an angelic face and voice! Missing her two front teeth but her singing is beyond note perfect, it's an evocation of emotional pureness few adults can command. Bravo, Connie!

Sorry for the interruption, now back to food...

P.S. Indigo asked what show this is - it's "Britain's Got Talent", newly premiered in the UK. Finals on 17 June!



  1. Angelic is right. Really a performance that moves one to tears...and her loveability is not a liability either. Just look at Simon's signature bored look before her performance and then his jaw-dropping when she started singing!

    Watch this girl, she's going places!

    By the way, what show is this as I dont think it's American Idol or such. Also appreciate if you could post her future performances.

  2. This is a daily show called "Britain's Got Talent" - just premiered in the UK on 9 June. Live finals on 17 June! Connie was in episode 3, I think.

    Yes, I was moved to tears too! Definitely want to see what she will sing next (will post here even though not food-related).

    Bookies have tipped her to win already!


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