Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bad CKT and CTK at Albert Centre/Queen Street food centre

Generic shop, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I hesitated blogging this. Whenever I come across bad quality food, I'm not always sure if it's consistently bad or just a bad day. I don't really want to go back to verify because there's just too many other places to try, so little time (and money!).

OK, Albert Centre market & food centre at 270 Queen Street. We stopped here at 6pm one day for a bit of CKT (char kway teow or fried rice noodles) and CTK (chai tow kueh or fried carrot cake) just randomly picking a spot. I know there's a good CKT here but it was closed for the evening. So we chose this rather festively red generic signboard with a cook wearing a uniform. Yes, we got suckered in by nice photos too.

Carrot cake, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The main problem with the food here is lack of freshness of the ingredients. The black carrot cake had semi-hardened/dry radish cake which reeked of staleness. It probably had been sitting there for too long, maybe since morning. The seasoning was not great either, so did not do much to rescue the dish.

Fried kway teow, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The fried kway teow seems to be the wet variety. Tastewise, a little better than the carrot cake but not by much. It wasn't long before I bit into a piece of fishcake that had gone bad. I had to spit it out (yes, right in front of the chef). Left most of the dishes uneaten. Odd thing is, this stall still had a fairly steady stream of customers! Some people must like their food...



  1. i got bluffed by beautiful photos at alexandra village food centre too.. TWICE... totally tasteless CKT...

  2. Hi Camemberu, can't find your email. Would like to ask u something. Can drop an email to jiatong.ng@gmail.com? Thanks.

  3. jx - yeah, I guess what we should do instead is spy on food that's already on the tables nearby. :P

    dbrane - sent you a mail already.

  4. looking at them is not enuff... there's are lots of food out there that looks really good.. until you put it in your mouth... then you will tell yourself.. why didn't i go somewhere else for this meal


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