Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Char Siew Bau: Malaysia Boleh!

Char Siew Bau, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Why does Malaysia constantly beat Singapore's ass each time when it comes to food? :)

Here's a char siew bau (BBQ pork bun) done the way char siew baus ought to be done. Generous fillings of quality well-charred meat, a good balance of (more) lean and (less) fatty, prepared with thick, aromatic char siew sauce. Dough fluffy and cotton-candy-soft. One bun is never enough!

From my dad's favourite dim sum shop in Taman Bukit Pasir, Batu Pahat, Johor.



  1. To be fair, I think Singapore has its share of very excellent street food too. Unfortunately, the growth of corporatised indoor food courts/outdoor food centres is probably the culprit in creating a boring homogeneity throughout the island. Stallowners become mere tenants (who must bid for a place) or employees of a franchise, rather than the independent culinary craftsmen of earlier days. Not helping of course is the growing demise of the pioneer generation of hawkers...

  2. True but really good street food is getting hard to find. Costs (rent, raw materials, labour) in Singapore are spiralling and causing many a good hawker to cut corners just to survive.

    Ah, the phrase "independent culinary craftsmen" harkens back to the good old days when you could focus better on making good food and the rest will follow.

  3. yah, so except for a few places like Geylang/Joo Chiat where the stallholders are owner-occupiers of their own premise, it's not easy to find food that goes back a long way.

    do you know btw the "ah see" wonton mee shop in Jalan Jenang in Batu Pahat town?

  4. Why yes, "Ah See" wantan noodles is quite well-known. Seems they have two outlets, one near the corner of the road with Jalan Sultanah?

    How did you know about them? You travel to Johor quite a bit?

  5. I was from there last time.

    the town got a blog now also: including the food:

  6. Hey me too! Oh my, thanks for the link! Ah, such nostalgia reading the posts. I think I am going to start contributing once I get some pics of my own!

  7. Hi, I'm from BP 2.

    Do you like to eat Nasi Bryani ?

    You must try the one at Tmn Batu Pahat at the corner one.


  8. Hi CKLIM! Glad to meet another BP fella! Yes, I like briyani - although the "famous" one by the BP bridge is quite a letdown.

    I shall ask my bro about the Taman Batu Pahat one, it's quite a big "taman" so I'm not sure where this corner is. Thanks for the tip!


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