Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KFC Miso Crunch

KFC Miso Crunch, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

KFC has proven once again, that it cannot innovate. Most of the time I stay away from its "special promotions" (well, actually just KFC in general!) but I decided to give the miso crunch a try - I heard that some people actually like it. Plus, I can't resist anything with seaweed flakes and bonito! However, two bites into the thing and I could not eat the rest. Hmm, how do I describe it? Smelly is what comes first to mind. A certain fermented odour - yeah, miso is fermented soybeans but I just didn't like the way it combined with the chicken. I took a bite of the "Original" just to compare and that was SO MUCH better!

Oh and it notoriously leaves the same smell on your fingers. Argh, it won't wash off! As if that was not enough punishment, I could not sleep properly from the deep-fried indigestion it gave me.

Back to Popeyes if I want hot and crispy style chicken.



  1. fast food (macDs, KFC etc) products are never culinary items but mass produced goods made to quite different formulations from their kitchen originals. Various flavours (natural or artificial), starches, fillers (esp in meat products like patties), oils and coatings are used that no chef/cook would use, as the fast food companies balance cost and ease of preparation (it has to be simple to fry and taste exactly the same in every outlet) versus purely culinary considerations. They actually have leeway over packaged food companies, as they don't have to declare their ingredients, but it's similar to the ingredient list of patties/packed meals you find in the frozen food section.

  2. Er...haha, I was about to delete this post that I really just put up for fun. Yes, I've read Fast Food Nation and watched Supersize Me - stuff that goes into fast food is scary to say the least. They still feed a lot of people though.


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