Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Myojo Sambal Dry Mee Poh

Ooh, never thought I'd include instant noodles in my review but hey, it counts as commercially available food too. So anyway, I was very happy some time back to hear Myojo was launching a sambal version of its noodles. Finally I saw it in the markets.

Myojo Sambal Mee Poh cooked, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This is what it looks like when prepared. You mix the boiled noodles with a little packet of sambal and the flavouring powder and voila! Surprisingly quite a tasty little meal! I'm glad they didn't stint on a spicy enough kick (very important for me!). The sambal tasted like good sambal. This is much better than their original dry mee poh flavour, but still falls short of the Spicy Ramen Char Mee (my absolute favourite).

Purportedly with no trans fat (although saturated fat at 9 grams out of a total 20 grams fat in that serving, is not light).

There are two other flavours as well in the Sambal range. Chicken ramen and seafood ramen. Available at most supermarkets. Normal price S$3, I got mine at Giant for $2.59 (promotion).



  1. haha, after i saw this post, i had to make myself a packet of dry instant noodles!

  2. Hi dot! Hope it was good for you too! lol

  3. hihi! glad to 'meet' you, fellow mum and brangelina supporter!!! oh man, the noodles were so tasty - i felt so greedy for making them when i wasn't even hungry but i relished every last bit!

  4. I like myojo spicy ramen too! I wanna try this when I finish my pack of spicy ramen. =)


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