Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick-and-Easy Roti John

Homemade Roti John
Some hawker foods are tasty but so greasy, it makes sense to prepare your own at home. Roti John is possibly one example. This spicy mince-onion omelette fused on a French loaf often absorbs so much oil (possibly ghee) during the frying process, you can feel your arteries screaming for help.

I have tried the version at the Shukor stall formerly from Taman Serasi, which claims to have invented this dish in 1975, and is now a Makansutra Legend. But I think they lost something along the way when passing down the recipe to the newer generation.

We decided to make our own at home, and it turned out not only healthier but more delicious. Best of all, it's really fast and easy! Out of curiosity, we tried frying without oil at first in a non-stick pan, but the result is a very light-coloured pasty thing (see pieces in background). A little bit of oil gave the GBD (golden brown and delicious) effect (see top slice).

Mixture of cooked minced beef, raw onions, sliced onions, red and green chilies in egg

INGREDIENTS (approximate only; makes about 6 pieces)

100g or more mince (can be beef or mutton), seasoned with curry powder, salt and pepper
sliced onions
sliced red chilies
sliced green chilies
2 eggs (depending on size)
one baguette, halved and cut into 6-inch portions
chili/tomato sauce

1. Pan-fry mince until fairly dry (you can add minced clove of garlic too if you like)
2. Mix in a bowl the cooked mince, onions, chilies and egg (see photo above)
3. Scoop some of the egg-mince mixture onto cut-side of baguette and press it down gently to secure it on the bread
4. Pan or griddle-fry mixture side in a little bit of hot oil until golden brown
5. Enjoy with chili or tomato sauce or both!

Next time I am going to try it with some cheese in the mixture! Mmmh!


  1. Agree with you that the roti john outside are so oily. Yours look so much healthier.

  2. Hi Camemberu,

    Looking forward to read your review on "Aburiya".


  3. didally: ha, thanks!

    Hi Aburiya! I mean, Anonymous: Ah, if you had only used the SEARCH function (either on the very top or the Google search on the side), you would have discovered that it was glorious Aburiya that started the blog rolling. I also posted a subsequent visit's review, with better camera than the silly cameraphone used for the first post. Your wagyu ribeye is fantastic! Hmm, however, I have not yet visited with my new DSLR. *grin*

  4. *reads reply to comment above*

    Ah, one day I'm gonna succumb to buying me one of them DSLR too... :P

  5. The recipe was not open source, that's why. LOL...

  6. Woo.. nowadays u seem to be cooking more and more at home if i never notice wrongly? hahaha! keep them coming : )

  7. i rikes!!!!!! Add some camemberu! hahaha...

  8. That looks delicious! I loved to eat roti johns since young and it sounds bento-friendly. Maybe I should make some for my bento next week. Thanks for the idea!


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