Sunday, May 4, 2008

Red bean pancake from Sim Lim Square

Pan-fried red bean pancake
Mmmh, I love a good crispy redbean pancake. This is from the same Shanghainese stall that brings you yummy fried dumplings and xiao long bao at the Sim Lim Square basement foodcourt. While I would have preferred more red bean filling, I think this one is tasty enough to make you want to keep eating another piece. However, it may not to everyone's taste - hubby dubbed this "the oily thing" - but I thought it's quite dry already.

I wonder though, where else can I get a good panfried red bean pancake without resorting to a Chinese restaurant?

Sim Lim Square basement Food Court
Stall 14
Open 10am to 10pm



  1. I think if i remember correctly, there's a stall selling this at Eminent Plaza food court at Lavendar. Have not personally tried it though, not a fan of this :)

  2. lol thanks, momo! I've never been to Eminent Plaza before my whole life actually! maybe worth a scouting trip...


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