Thursday, May 29, 2008

No-Churn Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

Rum and raisin ice cream
Some of you have correctly observed that I am presenting more recipes of late than eatery reviews. Well, this is partly because my dining out budget this month has been donated to the Red Cross for Sichuan and Myanmar. So I'm cooking more at home the past couple of weeks instead of eating out.

One last recipe for this month, and justly, it's a dessert. Yet another gem adapted from Nigella Express! A much, much easier method for making ice cream that yields a creamier texture than my first experiment (the chendol ice cream). In Nigella's words, "you don't make a custard and you don’t have to keep whipping it out of the deep freeze to beat the crystals out of it." It can't get any easier than this. And still no ice cream maker required!

Her original recipe calls for pomegranate which is a lovely idea for ice-cream (you can see the recipe and video at the link). But as the pomegranates in my local supermarket look less than luscious, I adapted the recipe for something else I'd been wanting to make - rum and raisin ice cream. It worked, and the ice cream was a godsend during the blazing hot weather we had last week.

INGREDIENTS (you can adjust rum amount to your own preferred strength)
half cup raisins
half cup dark rum (I used Myers)
120g icing sugar (this is less than what the original recipe uses, as raisins will add sweetness)
500ml heavy cream (I used Bulla's Thickened Cream, for less fat!)
dash of vanilla essence (optional)

1. Soak raisins in rum for a few hours or overnight if you wish.
2. Strain raisins (keep them aside) and pour the remaining rum into a large bowl filled with the icing sugar and mix well.
3. Whisk in the cream and keep whisking until soft peaks form. This is the only tiring part. Maybe an electric mixer or handheld blender with whisk attachment helps. Being lazy, I gave up my manual whisking after ten minutes but the ice cream still turned out still fine.
4. Fold in the raisins.
5. Spoon into airtight container and freeze overnight. The alcohol content in the rum may slow down the freezing process but trust me, it will freeze eventually (unless you poured half the bottle of rum in!)

Serves 8.

Note: you may get a lighter colour than what's shown above, as I used enough rum (1 whole cup!) to make you fail breathalyzer tests!


  1. Yummy! It's nice to be able to make home-made ice cream without the need for an ice cream maker.

    My first try was a disaster. lol

    Pomegranate will be nice. Agree that those in supermarket are sometimes not very nice. Bought some once for juicing, pretty refreshing.

  2. oh that looks fantastic. after pistachio, rum and raisin is my favourite ice cream flavour after all.

  3. Bulla cream available NTUC/Cold Storage? I shop at Sheng Siong and I can't find cream! :P

  4. NO churn! *gasp* Thanks babe! i'm sure gonna try this! :D yes! i love to see more of your cooking as well!


  5. Didally: oh which flavour did you try to make? Yeah, pomegranate juice sounds yum.

    Diva@SugarBar: mmmh, pistachio...I need to make a nutty ice cream next!

    Southernoise: yes, definitely available at Cold Storage. Not too sure about Fairprice, since I dislike NTUC. Petition Sheng Shiong to start stocking cream!

    Amanda: haa thanks! :)

  6. Mmm, I might try to make matcha icecream out of this recipe!

    How creamy is this compared to storebought icecream?

  7. My husband would love this! He just bought a good bottle of rum from the Bahamas. He wouldn't be so fond of the raisins though...I wonder what I could substitute, or maybe just leave them out all together. Is there another name for Bulla's Thickened Cream? I live in the US and would like something with a bit less fat, like you said. Thanks!

  8. Jo: matcha is an excellent idea! I must get some green tea powder. How creamy is this compared to storebought? Pretty close.

    Katskitchen: You can probably leave out the raisins, and just make rum ice cream! Bulla is an Australian brand and their thickened cream is cream that's been thickened with gelatine, so it already has body and doesn't need to be whipped. It's still about 35% fat, so you might as well use heavy cream (36-40% fat) or whipping cream. I hear that some low-fat creams are not ideal for whipping.

  9. ahh.. thats the reason for yr home cook recipes. charity for a good cause

  10. southernoise, yes, i buy the bulla thick cream from Fairprice ;-)

    think diff branch might sell diff things. I got it from Cold Storage before too.

    its been months since i made any ice cream ;-)

  11. heyy i tried it too, and the results was pretty creamy ice-cream! it's just that without stabiliser, the ice cream started to get grainy when the water molecules crystallise. =(

    anyhow, thks for the recipe! =D

  12. ya creamy ice cream. Dark rum used 125ml it taste abit bitter n strong smell of dark rum. Maybe it is cos the icing sugar i used 120gm.Wonder can i reduce the cream to 300gm instead of 500gm.

  13. Hi, is the ice cream quite heavy since there's so much cream? Do you think it would work if I add egg yolks and milk and make a custard with the cream?

    I've always wondered how I should eat pomegranate. Do I eat the seeds or spit them out?


  14. Sorry I missed answering these comments earlier!

    Anon: feel free to experiment and let us know the results. Less cream is possible, but you'll need to replace it with something for bulk.

    KT: yes, it's quite rich and creamy. You could use the custard method too. Pomegranate seeds are edible - in fact, they're the only edible part!

  15. Cool! that ice cream looks amazing. Rum raisin for me too!

  16. how much is 1 cup of rum?

  17. Just in case: store-bought ice cream may have more air injected into it, so some brands will have a higher volume of actual ice-cream, whilst others will have a lesser volume.


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