Friday, October 26, 2007

Aburiya - Wagyu Heaven, Again

Finally, Aburiya and its divine grilled wagyu! Yes, this is the way wagyu is meant to be eaten. Sliced into thick cubes, lightly seasoned with salt and gently seared on each side. The result is buttery, aromatic, char-grilled heaven, the kind that makes you close your eyes and go, "Mmmmmmhhh!"

Most people already know about this place - it's packed on weekends. Aburiya is a Japanese charcoal grill restaurant that lets you BBQ your own meats. It was my first blog post here. The mobile phone photos did not do it justice then. This time I came with proper camera but halfway through I just gave up shooting and concentrated on cooking and eating! Some things are just more important than blogging!

If you come to Aburiya and eat only one thing - make it the wagyu ribeye. Unfortunately the price has gone up quite a bit - from S$17.90 the last time to about S$25. Ah sigh. But it's still worth it. The jo karubi is not bad either. Tender and tasty. Just don't order the harami (outside skirt - very tough meat).

Of course, they have many other cuts (tongue, loin, karubi, innards) in addition to various kinds of meat - pork, lamb, seafood, duck, chicken - plus vegetables and rice (you must try the onigiri). On top of that you frequently get a choice of different sauces/seasoning - shio (salt), tare (BBQ), wasabi shoyu, miso, etc. You can see their menu online but take note, this is not updated - the one at the restaurant is far more extensive!

We also had a set menu (S$80) for the family to share. Pretty good value with at least four cuts of meats and it allowed us to sample some of their lovely side dishes plus dessert. The niku jaga (stewed beef and potatoes) was very nice. I even liked the kim chee (normally a hated dish).

The other outstanding thing about Aburiya is the service. So far their staff have been very gracious, humble and attentive. The atmosphere is invitingly casual, you can choose to dine indoors or al fresco.

(has two locations, I have only patronised the Robertson Quay one, as I hear the quality control and craftsmanship at Holland Village can be questionable)
60 Robertson Quay,
#01-03 The Quayside
Tel : 6735 - 4862
Reservations highly recommended, especially for weekends (packed!)
Open mostly in evenings but 3pm onwards on Sundays (not reflected on their website)



  1. i really love this place heh. it's a cheaper canivore fix as compared to kazu if you don't just order the wagyu :)

    i've been to both outlets, and i think the robertson quay outlet trumps the hv one in terms of quality of food, service and ambience.

  2. Oh man....

    That wagyu looks so so so mouth watering!

    You know where I will go eating next. haha...

  3. p: Agreed, I prefer this to Kazu for the same amount of $$.

    Keropok man: haha, I look forward to your yummy pics!

  4. Argh, now you're making me want to revisit Aburiya; it's been a while since I've been there and your post has reminded me how good it is. And sure, feel free to add my blog to your list :)

  5. Nobody grill meats with garlic there?
    In every Yakiniku restaurant here in Japan, thick sliced or whole garlic are served with meats on plate. I love it :p

  6. Hi Taro! Garlic would be a great addition, but I'm not sure why it's not served here with all the meats. Sometimes it's available separately though (as ninniku).


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