Friday, May 30, 2008

First Thai

Seafood tom yum
First Thai is probably one of the more authentic Thai eateries outside of the seedy Golden Mile Complex. Located at Purvis Street, this casual little restaurant has been serving up food that's earned it a good reputation and queues at mealtimes.

Seafood tom yum soup
One of its best dishes is the tom yum soup (portion for two or more, S$13 and above, individual serving S$7). It's a deep, murky colour but so delicious. Chockful of fresh prawns, lemongrass, galangal, chili padi and cilantro, this is a potent brew. And oh, loads of straw mushrooms, which I absolutely love with tom yum!

Mango Salad
The mango salad (S$8) is a paltry portion, but don't let its unimpressive presentation fool you. Every bite is an intense explosion of flavour - tart, umami, savoury, can tell they use really good ingredients, especially the dried shrimp.

Cereal soft shell crabs
This is one of their six new dishes. Cereal soft shell crabs (S$15) marry two of my favourite items in one dish. The cereal bits are sweetly crunchy, dry and not greasy. They are generous with the curry leaves which is nice but I thought they could have added some chili padi for a spicier kick.

Mixed vegetables
Possibly the only disappointment of the day. Very small portion of "fried mixed vegetables" (S$6) which were a bit bland. Should have gone with kailan or some other variant.

Pad thai mixed
Ah pad thai, the quintessential Thai noodle dish. I confess to liking it a bit more than I should. Ought to really go beyond this choice of carb. Hubby says their olive rice's not nice though.

Pad Thai with prawns
The pad thai (S$10) here is not bad. Not so salty that you can't use it as a base for other dishes. But the prawns for some reason did not taste as fresh as the ones used in the tom yum soup.

Service is quick and efficient, and food comes fairly quickly, even when the place is fairly crowded. The place is decorated with whimsical flowers and art pieces but not air-conditioned. Fans provide the only air-cooling respite you'll need from the hot and spicy dishes. Oh the coconut juice is refreshing too.

Prices can add up especially if you're having seafood, but there's no service charge or GST to inflate your final bill.

23 Purvis Street
Open daily (closed alternate Mondays, 2nd June 2008 closed)
12noon to 2.15pm for lunch
6pm to 9.15pm for dinner
Tel: 6339-2123


  1. The illustration of the mermaid on the menu is GORGEOUS! Exotic and colourful... reflection of the food, perhaps? ;)

  2. See if they have a broad rice noodle dish called Pad Kee Mao.. I actually prefer it over Pad Thai.. it's spicier and less sweet.

  3. Kenny: beautiful, isn't it? I like it too. Food not quite as pretty or exotic, but enough to delight the senses.

    D: hmm, didn't see that on the menu but I will remember look out for this elsewhere. They have Pad See-ou, horfun, tanghoon and crispy noodles which are too similar to Chinese style noodles, IMHO.

  4. The tom yum soup certainly looks deep in flavour :) Do they have the clear, deceivingly spicy version?

  5. Oh I absolutely love First Thai! And I must try the crab when I go next.

  6. Momo, I love that innocently clear but bitingly spicy version! But haven't seen that type yet at First Thai. Next time I must ask them.

    Esther: mmmh crab. Wonder if they do it well there. Don't often see it on the tables.

  7. Oh.. the tom yum soup looks good. Perhaps I should make a trip to golden mile soon. ;)

  8. I want the soup pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in UK.
    HB aka Hungrybear

  9. I had the same problem with the prawns in the pad thai, too, though in my case it was more like they were overcooked. The cereal soft shell crab looks good! Should have tried that! :)

  10. 2 nites ago we went First Thai to try out the yummy dishes recommended by we ordered tomyum soup (our favourite), kangkong, cereal soft shell crab as well as seafood horfun (i had wanted phad thai but i circled the item wrongly on the order sheet). =p

    i was a tad disappointed when i realised i've ordered wrongly but the seafood horfun turned out to be alrite too. but the crab stick served with the horfun tasted funny.. a weird taste i can't put my finger too.. tastes a tad unfresh tho they are frozen food.

    but it's defnitely value for money considering there's no service charge and gst. reception was warm and setting was cosy. will definitely return for a second time so i can sink my teeth into the PHAD THAI!!!

  11. akeguin, after reading your comments i wanna go straight away after work to eat at FIRST THAI!!! and I will circle correctly hehe

  12. had klunch here.. tried the soft shelled crab with curry gravy... wonderfully done.. coulnt stop eating it...


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