Monday, February 25, 2008

Service! From KFC?? Amazing!

I'm sure you've come across times when you've had to wait at the side for your order of fast food to be prepared and sent to you. Such was the case at a KFC outlet in Batu Pahat. But we were pleasantly surprised when a staff came out bearing Coke in little cups for us. Complimentary while we waited for our one sandwich. Wow! Now I'm sure this was a rare gesture. I wouldn't start expecting this level of service at every KFC branch. But kudos to this one for surprising and delighting the customer.



  1. I think Mcdonalds in Sg do as such too, esp when you have special order and they take time to prepare it. For once, it's not fast food,ya? ")

  2. woo.. complimentary coke huh? cool!

  3. There was once i waited for my burger in McD and they gave me a large cup of coke to quench my thirst. I should have push my luck a little and ask for sundae instead..hehehe.

  4. Is it the one at Jalan Rugayah? I was a part time floor staff there many moons back. Those days we still had to take orders from the table.

  5. Tigerfish, I've never come across this kindness in Singapore though. Haha, not fast food for once, but at least you know it's freshly cooked.

    Precious pea, wow you got better service! Ah, only in Malaysia it seems! :) Wonder if it's a cultural thing. Warm hospitality above short-term profits.

    Southernoise: this KFC is the outlet within the Carrefour building. But hey, yes, I remember table service at the big outlet at Jalan Rugayah!


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