Thursday, February 21, 2008

Penang Delights

Penang-style char kway teow, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

You know, Penang style char kway teow kinda sometimes seems a more savoury and less sweet cousin of pad thai. I like the use of thinner rice noodles, which seem to have more surface area for absorbing flavour. The dish is even better when they use lots of chye poh (preserved turnip/radish), fried pork lard pieces, juicy prawns and of course, a good dash of sambal chili.

Penang Delights, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This is a branch outlet. The main stall at Geylang East serves a better Penang fried kway teow. Teo Pau Lin likened its subtle appeal to Norah Jones compared to the Singapore version which is more in-your-face like Christina Aguilera. But I feel this may not be representative. A good Penang char kway teow can be just as savoury and powerful from the first bite.

Here at the Marine Parade branch, the noodles could do with stronger seasoning. They are also a wee bit too soggy and oil-laden. I have been told the other dishes are better - e.g. the lor mee. Yet to try those (not a big fan of lor mee or Penang laksa).

Kim Tat Seng Eating House
82 Marine Parade Central

Main branch
Geylang East Food Centre
Blk 117 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-60



  1. I like the penang char kuay teow at geylang east too! Savoury and fragrant, but seriously greasy...

  2. Oh man, I'm salivating looking at all your delicious looking food pictures! Will come back to salivate more...hahaha...

  3. heh, i like that censored graffiti!

    "How good is it?"
    "Really F^&*%ng good!"

  4. haha, southernoise, you noticed!

    LCOM, welcome!

    wei - greasy indeed!

  5. If im not wrong, the Aljunied one isn't around anymore, right? Been disappered for quite a while.

    I live around the Aljunied area, the hawker centre is just a walk away, if I remember correctly it got replaced by some Minced Meat Noodles a couple of months ago but couldn't confirm right now because I hardly go down to the food centre nowadays.

  6. Very good CKT! Only down point is that they do not have cockles! Alamak... how can..

    If you are a Penangite and longing for some home tasting One Ton Mee, try the one at Aljunied. Yes, the Aljunied shop is still open. The One Ton Mee is good, as good as the one at Batu Lanchang. Does not use ketchup or chilli with the sauces.

    Tried the Hokkien Mee, could be better but good enough.

    Uncle at Marine Parade lost some brownie points when he sat down with me and started the conversation by saying he is a former St. Xaviers student.. aiyo..



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