Tuesday, February 26, 2008

D'Origin Western Cuisine & Cafe in BP

Profiterole, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Baked oysters Kirkpatrick, chicken cordon bleu, panna cotta and profiteroles. Items I never thought I'd see in my little hometown, where even basic Western fare is rare enough. My brother took us to this little cafe/diner on Sunday. It is air-conditioned and sparsely decorated but welcoming enough. I was surprised at the fairly extensive menu, which included the items above. While intrigued, I went in with very forgiving standards.

Fish & Chips, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Presentation is not tops on the chef's list here but the food is fairly decent for its price. Crispy fish and chips here (RM7.90 or S$3.50 or US$2.50) a generous portion. My brother's chicken cordon bleu (grilled chicken stuffed with ham and stringy cheese) was delicious. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. They have good chicken chop here too.

I had the ribeye steak for a steal (RM12 or S$5.20 or US$3.70). Surprisingly tender and juicy! The black pepper sauce was also potent and spicy. So even though I normally prefer steaks without sauces, I didn't mind this pairing at all. The only "let-down" is the vegetable side - standard CPC (carrots, peas, corn) doused with a strange pinkish orange sauce.

Beef burger, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The burger was not good though. Meat patty too mushy and bland for my liking. Not worth its price (RM6.50 or S$2.85 or US$2) this time. Fries still great though. Crispy.

Mushroom soup and tomato soup, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Soups here are pretty basic with small slice of garlic toast. The tomato one was intense, smoky and tart - good as an appetiser, I suppose. Prices around RM3 (omigod, only S$1.30 or US$0.90).

Banana boat ice cream, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I liked the desserts. The ice cream has a simple, homemade taste to it. Profiterole (first pic above) was yummy, even if the choux pastry was a little dry. Only RM4 (S$1.75 or US$1.25). Next time I'm having one all to myself, no sharing!

Cheap and good at Taman Flora, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The chef has had some training in hotels and restaurants before striking out on his own. He started small at a coffeeshop stall in a residential neighbourhood and now has this cafe. While seasoned palates will deem this canteen fare, I think it's competent enough for a town that seriously could do with more Western food for variety.

Oh, and no service charge or taxes to inflate the final bill. Nice.

No.57 Jalan Flora Utama 3
Taman Flora
Batu Pahat
Tel: 012-7243388 (a cellphone number?)
Open Tues-Sun, 11am to 10pm (closed Mondays)



  1. eh they've shifted or is this a new branch?

    I used to visit their outlet at that taman on the way to Minyak Beku.

    Though the food cannot be compared to the ones here but totally agree that BP needs more western stuff.

  2. Oh wow you know of this eatery? How small BP is! Yes, I think they shifted from Banang Heights to here.

  3. guess what, The restaurant staff is horrible. There was a girl who took our order, and make us waited for 1 hour. After 1 hour, i started to ask, and she told me, "do you know you need to queue up ? after serving another 2 tables, it will be your turn".
    Damn it, i told her off right away, there was a table of guests who just sit down for 20 mins, and they got their food served ! What the hell, tell me i need to queue up ?! Good, dump the money for the drink and go. The guests sitting next table of us start making noise as well because they have waited for 45 mins too. Thumb up in Customer Service. I didn't expect much for customer service in BP, however, waiting for 1 hour is long enough, end up telling me i need to queue up ?! **the restaurant is only half full at that time**


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