Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 Million Pageviews!

Dr Evil image from Internet, copyright not mine
Around 10.43am today, this blog reached its 1,000,000th pageview mark! ONE MEEEELION page views! In just under two years. Thank you to all my readers who made this possible.
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Dr Evil image from the Internet, copyright not mine


  1. as mentioned in FB, when are we gonna celebrate this joyous occasion?

    congrats again, camemberu! ;D

  2. woww! congrats! seems like i have a longgggg way to go... lol. :)

  3. wow! wow! wow! Congrats!

    Camera in hand, with Nadine & Jolie alongside; Catherine captures the wonderful shot, and the perfect moment with bliss, joy, and food of course! :D

  4. Wow, thank you all very much! :D

    Nic, yes, nom nom soon!

    LIC: haha, that's a nice fantasy. These days, perfect shots are near-impossible with Nadine and Jolie being so fidgety!

  5. Not that difficult since there's only one entry per page, "forcing" people to click next all the time.

  6. Haha, Shai, I guess you are new to my blog. I usually have 7-10 posts on each page. Four days ago, I had that bumper Chiharu post with over 30 photos! That made me limit the post per page to just 1, to enable faster loading of graphics. I am slowly reverting back to more posts per page (unless I get more bumper posts).

    Anyway, people cannot be "forced" to click next if they are not keen. :)

  7. Shai: you should find something better else to do with your time :)

  8. Though it is alittle late, congratulations =)


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