Monday, April 27, 2009

Beerfest Asia 2009 - K1664 and Flying Dogs

Please be of legal drinking age if you intend to read this...

K1664 Blanc
Beerfest Asia is on this week (29 Apr - 3 May)! There'll be over 100 varieties of beer on show from all over the world. They sent me some samples.

The Kronenbourg 1664 is a premium French beer, launched in honour of the brewery's founding year. It was also used to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

K1664 Blanc
It's a light, golden yellow beer. They use the Strisselspalt hop (exclusive to Alsace) that give the beer its unique aroma. Slightly bittersweet with a citrus hops taste. Fruity and gently spicy. Almost like sparkling wine meets beer.

Doggie Style
We also got three different bottles of Flying Dog ales, all with cheeky and edgy names. First up, the flagship Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale.

Flying Dog - Doggie Style
It's a clear, brilliant amber beer with a rich head. Strong on hop flavour and aroma. Just a bit too bitter for me, but this pale ale was hubby's favourite. It's purported to go well with burgers, brats and the typically hearty American dishes.

In-Heat Wheat
"In-Heat Wheat" is a German-style Hefeweizen. Malted white wheat gives this beer a fuller mouthfeel.

Flying Dog - In-Heat Wheat
This one is rich yellow and more opaque. It's spicy with cloves, nutmeg and has hints of banana and vanilla. Goes well with warm days and spicy foods! Possibly fish, chicken and salads too.

Old Scratch Amber Lager
"Old Scratch" Amber Lager is apparently the most award-winning American beer ever.

Flying Dog - Old Scratch
A lovely rich copper with creamy head. It was very malty and had an aroma almost like honey. Great with roasts, breads, BBQ and spicy foods. This turned out to be my favourite of the lot.

The US craft beers like Flying Dog are quite interesting. There will be about 40 of these on show at Beerfest Asia. There's also food, games, music and entertainment. Check out the website for details and ticketing info. Thanks again to Beerfest Asia for the beer samples!

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  1. Man, I miss good German beer... Hopefully I can get me some when I visit UK. :)


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