Monday, June 1, 2009

Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice

What do true food bloggers do after the Annual Food Blogger lunch? Why, have more food of course! A small group of us adjourned to Chin Chin's just down the road for some chicken rice. We had both roast and steamed. Claypot mutton Ivan recommended the mutton claypot, which turned out to be my favourite dish of all. It's like a very good stew, and the mutton had no gamey taste at all. I'm coming back for this! Sambal "fan shu ye" sweet potato leaves I've also developed a new appreciation for sweet potato leaves, after tasting this sambal rendition. Hokkien mee Nic and I spied Hokkien Mee on the menu, and we could not resist. Alas, it was not the darkly luscious version we sought. Nary a fried pork lard piece in sight too. Oh well. The folly of ordering a Hokkien dish at a Hainanese joint. But still, good company always overrides the occasional disappointing dish. I hope I won't have to wait til next year before we have more outings like this. CHIN CHIN HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE 19 Purvis Street Singapore 188598 Tel: 6337-4640 Open daily: 7am - 9pm


  1. cat, you photograph hawker food REALLY well! *two thumbs up* i can't do it, for one :(

    see ya on fri =)

  2. hehe.. you can just sms us and see who's free to makan. :-)

    the "han zhi hio" looks good eh...

  3. Yea, the Hokkien mee was so disappointing. :(

    I like the claypot mutton too!

  4. "What do true food bloggers do after the Annual Food Blogger lunch? Why, have more food of course!"

    I can attest to that! After our Foodster Awards, we went on a (street) burger crawl! :D

  5. Evan: Thanks! But what are you talking about? Your own photos are magazine quality!

    Motorhome: it's like homecooked comfort food, yes.

    K-man: haha, yes, let's eat some more!

    HungryCow: Cow likes sheep too? :D

    LFB: Wow, Kenny, you guys too? LOL

  6. yar, the hokkien mee was bad. the mutton stew saved the day. actually, i find the roasted chicken kinda good too.

    hmmm, i think we shd go for a chicken rice crawl. that'll be fun!

  7. They used to have a branch in Perth which was pretty damn good. They had this deepfried chicken smothered in laksa sauce.

  8. do try the hainanese pork chop and mixed vegetables when u visit the next time :)


  9. hey can I ask what happened to the friends' column? I used to visit all the other flogs through here but now that they're gone I can't rem all of them!! :(

  10. Nic: yeah I liked the roast chicken (there's a reason it's in the forefront!) Now chicken rice crawl - that sounds like an idea!

    D: omg, a branch in Perth?? Hmm, deepfried chix in laksa sauce. Sounds sinfully divine!

    Anon1: ah haven't tried those. Not a big fan of pork chops, but maybe cos I haven't tried a good one yet.

    Anon2: Oh, I've moved them to a page all on their own, to shorten the sidebar. It's here. You can also reach it via the permanent link under the Blog Archive. I'm sorry for the change, but I'm glad to know people actually use the list!


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