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Sudio Ett Wireless Earphones Review (Discount Code Inside)

I've been looking out for wireless earbuds that can compare to AirPods Pro but with prices that aren't so insane  are much more reasonable, and the Sudio Ett (S$239, use my code "camemberuEtt" for 15% off) is my favourite so far. They've taken the best features of the AirPods Pro, blessed them with beautifully pristine Swedish aesthetics and made them more affordable.

Courtesy of Sudio

Features at a glance:

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • 6 hours play time, 4 hours with ANC
  • Total battery life: 30 hours, 4 extra charges with the carrying case
  • Wireless charging & quick-charge with USB-C (15 mins for 1 hour play time)
  • IPX5 water protection (splash/rain/sweat proof; great for sports)
  • Dual-microphone, with transparency mode activated during phone calls for enhanced sound quality
  • Multi-function button for controls (I like that this is a physical button, not a fiddly touch sensor thing)
  • Automatic pairing (the Bluetooth pairing works so well!)
  • Siri & Google assistant compatible
  • Available in 4 colours: Black, White, Green & Pink
  • Free home delivery to your doorstep (worldwide)
  • 18-month international warranty

Courtesy of Sudio
The Sudio Ett comes in four colours: black and these three above (pink, white, and a cool army green).

Campaign Promo: Get a Sudio tote bag for free with every purchase from (Until end of July, or while stock last).

I hadn't thought much of a tote bag, but this one is superbly done using quality canvas, and it even has a little Swedish flag as a tag on the side (see below).

What's inside the package:

Sudio Ett
The sturdy box holds a drawer that slides out smoothly, bearing goodies within. Everything just exudes quality and good design.

I love the matte carrying case. It's sturdy and looks like it'll stay scratch- and smudge-free unlike the shiny glossy cases. The case comes with four unobtrusive LED light indicators telling you the battery charge status, and when the earbuds are charging. There's also a leather lanyard for you to hook this up to your bag or backpack.

Sudio Ett
The earbuds are very light at 5g each. They may look a little bulkier but that's because of a bigger battery enabling longer playback time. Fair enough. These earbuds come pre-fitted with comfy tips that I could wear right away for a few hours without fatigue. I didn't have to break open the blister pack of multiple sized tips (XS to XL, so many!).

Bluetooth pairing works smoothly right out of the box. You pair it just once with your iPhone or whatever device, and thereafter it just works automatically. I realised the earbuds start pairing even before I take them out of the case. I guess it must be activated when I flipped open the case cover.

However, if you have multiple devices, you'll need to re-do the pairing when you switch devices. Small matter, at least you dictate which device it pairs with, and it doesn't just pair with the nearest available thing automatically.

Sound Test!

Now, the most important part: sound quality. I do like these earbuds. They immediately sound good - clear vocals, buttery bass, nice mid-frequencies. Would have liked sharper high frequency sounds, but that can get grating.

On phone calls, I can hear myself well, thanks to the transparency mode (allows more ambient noise, so you can hear yourself speaking, and don't end up raising your voice too much). The other party is a bit more muffled (on data calls) but I can catch everything still.

I haven't figured out how to trigger Siri yet, but I can certainly hear Siri answer on the earbuds when I call out using my phone.

Sudio Ett
Yes, I have tested these sweeties out on the road (fortunately or unfortunately, I'm in essential services that require me to travel to the office once every three days) and I am even happier with the results outdoors.

The Active Noise Cancelling (activated by pressing two seconds on either earbud button) really works on trains and buses. Music pretty much flows uninterrupted and undisturbed. I did not even hear the door closing warnings or beeps. It's so easy to get engrossed, you would have to be careful not to miss your destination station or stop. Of course, it does matter what kind of music you're playing - slow, soft jazz, for example, would not filter out ambient noise as completely as loud rock.

While it's great to close your eyes and enjoy the immersive experience, if you're navigating traffic or in public transport, it might be wise to keep an eye open for moving objects or people who aren't watching where they're going.

On the whole, these are a very decent alternative to the AirPods Pro. If you're considering these as a gift, the package even comes with a gift bag, gift tag and ribbon all ready for you to present.

Sudio offers a 30-day return policy, no questions asked. Of course, feel free to approach their support team should you face any issues, before sending items back.

Discount Code

Use my code "camemberuEtt" for 15% off at The Sudio Ett with discount will likely be at SGD203 thereabouts. Includes delivery. Pretty good deal! Maybe for Father's Day or loved ones in quarantine (hopefully you'll get to meet soon).

Thanks to Sudio for the review unit.
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