Saturday, June 27, 2009

Barracks at House, Dempsey

UPDATE: This place has closed. Downstairs, it's now SIRI HOUSE

Barracks @ House. I am a new fan. Over 20 photos to show you why, so I'll try to be succinct. The Greenhouse, a lush, glass-encased private dining area The Greenhouse. Lush. Sweet. Nurturing life. As the plants feasted, so did we, in sunlit cool comfort.
Spotted. A surprise. Guess which one? Mint Berry Fix, Beetroot Beat, Pei Pa Herbal Tonic. Pei Pa with vanilla and fresh lime is ingenious! Try it to see what I mean.
  Pineapple Pitstop 
Pineapple Pitstop. Cucumber meets pineapple. Detoxes, rehydrates, all deliciously so.

  Ahi Taki Skinny Pizza Ahi Taki Skinny Pizza. Oh, sweet tuna gently seared! Pistachios, port-soaked raisins, avocado, and herb-roasted tomatoes. All cuddling together. My Dempsey dream pizza! Psst, you won't get this at Skinny Pizza Suntec City.

  Wild Truffle Mushroom Skinny Pizza Wild Truffle Mushroom Skinny Pizza. Mmmmmushrooms! Garlic! Truffle oil! Parmesan cheese! Supremely yummy when shared. They've improved the crust (or cracker base) since I last tried them.

  Curry Chicken Babaganoush Curry Chicken Babaganoush Skinny Pizza. Smoky babaganoush, Madras curry chicken, chopped hard boiled eggs, coriander. All Skinny Pizzas are a cracking 18-inches, did you know? Chorizo Almond Skinny Pizza Chorizo Almond Skinny Pizza - a celebration of colours! Roasted chorizo, almonds, grilled peppers, roasted garlic, black olives, red chilies and fresh parmesan. It's a party on a most edible platter.

  Eclectic vintage crockery 
At Barracks you get the quirky, eclectic and sometimes vintage. Furniture, crockery, art decor, etc. Unique.

  Herb Crusted Lamb Racks Herb Crusted Lamb Racks. Beautifully medium rare, with Mediterranean ratatouille and Kalamata olive jus. My favourite main dish - meaty, flavourful and tender - a single bite sent me to heaven.

Bay Prawn Capellini 
Bay Prawn Capellini - a House signature. Rich prawn Bolognese. Braised baby leeks. Micro herbs, pecorino cheese shavings and chili. HungryCow observed rightly that this tastes very Asian, almost like Cantonese seafood noodles.

  Moroccan Spiced Baby Chicken Moroccan Spiced Baby Chicken A middle-eastern spring chicken with interesting partners: Tomato-berry chutney, yam crisps, sauteed fennel and baby bok choy.

  Meter-long Sausage 
Meter-long Sausage. Chicken, beef or pork, served on rocket with mustard to dip. You'll certainly be talking about it!

  Old-fashioned American Sliders Old-fashioned American Sliders, in five varieties. It's not the sliders but the truffle fries that will make Harold and Kumar new converts! Loved the sweet potato nibblets too.

  The Tiffin Punch - quaint and super refreshing! 

The Tiffin Punch - so quaint and cool at the same time! Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lychee Liqueur, Mumm Champagne, Pressed Ruby Red Grapefruit, Ginger, Lychees! Can you say refreshing? I liked this very much!

  Prohibition Long Island Iced Tea Party Prohibition Long Island Iced Tea Party - the cutest I have ever seen. In the teapot a very strong mix of gin, vodka, rum, tequila, Cointreau and lemon juice. Pour in icy Coca-cola from the jug and enjoy! And now desserts! We had a Godzilla Box, filled with six desserts (of your choice, and you get 15% off too!).

  The BBC - Banana, Brownie and Cheese 

The BBC - Banana, Brownie and Cheese. Nutty chocolate brownies with crispy banana strudels topped with freshly grated cheese. Bizarre? Most of us voted this sweet and salty confection our favourite of the lot. It works!

  Barracks Strawberry Shortcake, and Green Tea Tiramisu (background) 
Barracks Strawberry Shortcake - large, fresh strawberries and vanilla bean cream. Green Tea Tofu Tiramisu in the background - matcha-topped "tau huay" with a light cake base. These were nice, but not my favourites.

  Guiltless Chocolate Almond Cake Guiltless Chocolate Almond Cake. Chocolate cake with layers of ganache, topped with candied almonds. Flour and gluten-free, but still a carb feast! Bit too rich for me.

  MMM - Mango Marshmallow Melt 

MMM - Mango Marshmallow Melt. Fresh mango, mini crunchy pavlova, honey, yoghurt, whipped cream and marshmallows. Sounds too good to be true, no?

  Panna Cotta Agar Agar 

Panna Cotta Agar Agar. Inspired by the Nonya kueh lapis, but using panna cotta in between layers for a creamy difference. Unusual texture and cool presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed this lunch hosted by Janet from Spa Esprit (those are her lovely manicured hands in the photos above). 

Check out Aromacookery's gorgeous post on Barracks, and look out for HungryCow, MilkMilk and Recentrunes reviews when they come out. I also have eight sets of Spa Esprit vouchers to give away, kindly provided by Janet. They comprise five discount offers from different Spa Esprit brands, valid until 8 August 2009. You can click on the picture to see a bigger version. If you'd like one set, just leave a comment telling us your favourite dish at Barracks (if you've been there), or what you like best out of the dishes you see above (if you haven't been there). The first eight to respond will get the vouchers by mail. Once again, warmest thanks to Janet for being such a wonderful host! I'll be back to try the brunch!

8D Dempsey Road (behind the block that houses Jones the Grocer) Singapore 249672 T
el: 6475-778 

Open daily: Weekdays Lunch 12pm-3pm (last order 2.30pm) 
Tea 3pm-6pm serving pizzas, sandwiches and sides only (last order 5.30pm) 
Dinner 6pm-10.30pm (last order 10.15pm) 

Weekends Brunch 11am-4pm (last order 3.45pm) 
Tea 4pm-6pm serving pizzas only (last order 5.30pm)
Dinner 6pm-10.30pm (last order 10.15pm)

  Rainbow cast on a leaf


  1. Awesome!

    You've given me (and everyone else who read this post) the reasons why I ought to give Barracks a visit.

    Great post =)

  2. refreshing approach to writing your post cat! Love the way u describe, otherwise it gets a bit boring always doing the same thing yeah? heh

  3. Thanks, Harris! :)

    LIC: haha yeah, need to vary it a bit! I'm nowhere as creative as you are though! :P

  4. awesome post!! the banana, brownie and cheese dessert looks amazingg.

  5. The lamb racks look divine. Thanks for the photos and the review. Gotta give them props for aestheticism.

  6. The prices at Barracks are exorbantantly high. Their food i will rate 6.5 to 7/10. But i feel, what I paid for is very much on their visual sensory display on food presentation and ambience... my 2 cents worth =p

    Food lover

  7. Cat: no man, i think the way i'm writing gets more and more boring! kenny's THE man. haha. food looks good!

  8. My favourite Barracks treat is a rocket-and-pumpkin salad that I had for brunch some time ago....if I remember correctly it was sweet roasted pumpkin on top of some lovely rocket, with a sweet-tangy honey-mustard dressing, served in one of those cute silver tins. Yummo!

  9. I like the containers the food/ drinks are served in. I especially liked the BBC. IT looks delicious !

  10. Always wanted to go to Dempsey to try it out but never got the chance.
    From your post... I loved...
    1) The iced drinks (perfect for our weather these days!)
    2) The meter long sausage (I love sausages!)
    3) The long island tea party set (Uber quaint!)

  11. Cat, your post is positively mouth-watering! My favourite has gotta be the truffle pizza! Though I do like the tiffin punch, which is not quite a dish.. I'd probably like it more minus the ginger. It's been sometime since my last email, and I've been wanting to tell you about these tau-huay tarts at Le Cafe at Selegie. They're divine; if you've not tried them, you've got to!

  12. Just totally utterly gorgeous place to be over the weekend, a stress therapy place with lots of liquid!

  13. Truly a memorable House!! Moo moo moo.

  14. Wow what a flurry of comments! Thanks, everyone!

    Those of you who would like the Spa Esprit vouchers, please email me your mailing address - camemberu (at) There's enough for everybody.

    Food Lover/Anonymous: yes, prices are a little high, but some dishes are worth the splurge.

  15. Ooh are the vouchers still available? :D


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