Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Shake Shack at Vivocity: Waterfront Views and Sugee Concrete!

Shake Shack's fifth outlet in Singapore opened 1 Dec 2020 at Vivocity. I came back a couple more times because this is one of the nicest locations they have. They sure are expanding quickly but I think they have what it takes to tackle the insatiable demand for good burgers here. 


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Barossa Bar & Grill Opens at Vivocity with Dry-Aging Fridge and Josper Oven

Barossa has launched its second outlet in Singapore after some 14 years. This new place at Vivocity differs from its Esplanade outlet in that it boasts a dry-aging fridge and a Josper oven for stunning charcoal grilled goodies. 

Dry aging freezer
You can't miss the Dry Ager® when you walk in. The bigger cuts such as porterhouse and tomahawk are aged for 50 days in this fridge, while the smaller cuts such as tenderloin and striploin are aged around 25 days. Natural enzymes break down some of the collagen, making the meat more tender texture. Flavour also gets more concentrated as the beef loses water from evaporation.

At the front of the restaurant is the bright and snazzy bar. 

The other parts of the restaurant is anchored by wood and leather, very much like a traditional steakhouse. 

But wherever you choose to sit, you can enjoy cocktails such as the Paloma, made with Jagermeister, agave, grapefruit and lime. Very herbal, this one.

Personally, I preferred the Dear Rosemary made with vodka, elderflower, vanilla and grapefruit. Classic cocktails such as mojito, pina colada, amaretto sunrise and tequila sunrise are available here as well. 

Barossa also carries about 10 wine labels from Australia as well as a wide selection of white and red wines from Italy, New Zealand, France and South Africa. 

Enjoy al-fresco dining with Happy Hour from Mondays to Fridays, 5pm to 7.30pm. The following items go at S$10: • Glass of house white or red • Glass of sparkling • Full pint of beer • Cocktail of the month.

The appetisers blew us away. The juicy Ah Hua Kelong's Tiger Prawn (S$26) emerge gorgeously from the Josper oven with a smoky finish. They rest atop crispy charred kale, shio kombu, garlic beurre noisette and pickled onion.

The Barossa Steak Tartare (S$26) features smoked oyster aioli, ponzu jelly, pickled red onion, wasabi zuke, and egg yolk. Mix it all up and you have a sublime topping for the crisp bread. I'm normally a little squeamish about undercooked beef but this made me  a convert.  


If you only eat one thing here, make it the Australia Full Blood Wagyu Ribeye MS7/8 (300g, S$98), served with garlic confit and choice of one sauce (the red wine one comes recommended). 

Look at how perfectly done it is. Oh the buttery, caramelised juiciness and fatty aroma is just indulgent.

Usually Australian "wagyu" is a gamble; to me, it never quite gives you the same "wow" factor as the Japanese wagyu. But this one comes close.

The other beef we tried was the Australia Premium 50-Day Dry Aged Porterhouse (600g, S$138), also served with garlic confit and sauce of choice. It definitely has a different aroma signature (perhaps funky to some, but ambrosial to others). I'm still partial to the wagyu.

Barossa offers four Australian beef brands – The Bass Strait (100% grass-fed beef) range, Wanderer (barley-fed free-range beef) range, Carrara (grain-fed award winning wagyu derived from first-class genetics) range, and Josdale (100% grass-fed black angus) range. 


The Ora King Salmon (S$35), dubbed the "Wagyu of Salmon", comes from New Zealand. It's served with smoked Romesco, grilled broccolini, yuzu beurre blanc with ikura. It's certainly sweet and succulent flesh, a good choice for those who choose not to take beef. 

If you have space for desserts, there are a couple of interesting ones here. 

Jasmine Infused Smoked Fig Mochi Cake
Jasmine Infused Smoked Fig Mochi Cake (S$18) where the chewy fig mochi cake infused in Jasmine smoke is accompanied by Jasmine white chocolate ganache and passion fruit gel.

Frozen Dark Chocolate Whiskey Souffle
The Frozen Dark Chocolate Whiskey Souffle (S$18) is a wonderfully rich medley of fresh berries, chocolate pearls and spiced crumble. Definitely should be shared!

Meanwhile, I spied this on their website: a beef buffet for just S$48?? I definitely need to come back!

VivoCity Address: 
1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-161/162 Vivocity, Singapore 098585 
Telephone: 62551855 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 12pm to 10pm Saturday to Sunday – 11pm to 10pm 

Esplanade Mall Address: 
8 Raffles Ave, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802 
Telephone: 6534 5188 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm Saturday to Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

Many thanks to Barossa for the invite and hospitality.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Tempura Tendon Tenya in Singapore Has Great Udon!

I was absolutely thrilled when news broke that my favourite casual food chain in Japan was coming to Singapore. Tempura Tendon Tenya or Tenya for short, has more than a few times comforted me on cold nights in Tokyo and I could always rely on consistent quality, hearty portions and value-for-money meals. 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Cedele Christmas 2020: Turkey, Cake, Cookies and More

It's finally December! And soon, Christmas. I simply love how festive the Cedele goodies look in their takeaway packaging. Such bright and positive energy! 

I'm hoping the festive cheer will herald a better 2021 for us all. Let's take a look at the many things to enjoy.        

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

OverlyCheezy Pizza Delivery in Singapore

OverlyCheezy.com brings something different to the delivery pizza scene in Singapore: a fusion of Italian, Japanese, French, with a local twist. They've even come up with "milk doughs" - in creamy tomato and creamy avocado (+$6 surcharge). Blended into the doughs are five cheeses: gruyere, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and emmental. Yes, you can never have too much cheese in and on a pizza. 

The Trufflelicious Wild Mushroom (above) on creamy avocado dough was a real treat. Creamy white truffle sauce, butter sauteed mushrooms (shiitake, king oyster and shimeji), parsley smothered in cheese on a pillowy crust that's just nicely crisp on the edges.  This was really good for a delivery pizza. 


I love their design - cute and perky aesthetics with that bright cheery yellow! Prices are fairly reasonable although the surcharges can add up. Still, the pizzas are way more satisfying than regular chain ones. 


Their Dancing Katsuobushi with Beef features teriyaki sauce, mayo, Japanese-style marinated beef, bonito flakes, seaweed strips and parsley flakes. We had this on the regular dough which is a bit more dry and brittle compared to the creamy ones with milk.

Salted egg yolk fries that are sure to please most people, especially kids. 

A surprisingly delicious Chocolate Lava cake. It's small but oh so moreish. 


Meanwhile, the team is hard at work, coming up with new flavours! 


Mentaiko Ocean pizza with prawns and crabstick.


Peking duck with smoked duck and hoisin sauce.

Their store is located in Hougang. Block 311, Hougang Ave 5, #01-189, Singapore 530311. You can call them at +65 6245-4922.

Many thanks for OverlyCheezy for the treat!


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Baci Baci: Authentic and Cosy Italian Restaurant in Serangoon Gardens

Baci Baci Italian Restaurant Tucked away in a quiet lane in Serangoon Gardens is a hidden gem of an Italian Restaurant. Baci Baci (meaning "kisses" in Italian) has been popular with the residents who love its relaxing and romantic atmosphere that reminds you of eateries in Italy. And of course, they come for the food - Baci Baci brings in ingredients from Italy (cured meats, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, etc) where it matters most in order to replicate the Italian experience.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

GoroGoro Steamboat Buffet at Tampines 1 and Centrepoint

Are you always on the lookout for a good steamboat buffet? For me, the ingredients have to be fresh and good, or else it won't be worth eating, no matter how cheap it is. Fortunately, GoroGoro is one place that delivers very decent all-you-can-eat steamboat at affordable prices. We went to the one at Tampines 1. Their Centrepoint outlet is re-opening soon on 11 Nov 2020.

GoroGoro offers seven choices of soup bases, including Beauty Collagen, Fiery Mala, Tomato and Singapore's popular Pepper Bakuteh. The buffet comes with free-flow drinks and Korean & local favourite cooked dishes, such as Korean chicken wings, mala xiang guo and yam paste dessert!

The name is not actually Japanese or Korean, but an onomatopoeia, a word that mimics a sound. In this case, it's a rumbly tummy or the roiling boil of a good steamboat going. I have known both to happen at the same time! Haha. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sigmund Home Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow Review

I was recently looking for pillows as my kids outgrew theirs and started "borrowing" mine, which are newer and bigger. So then the universe sent me these: Ergo Foam Tencel Pillows from Sigmund Home, a purveyor of quality, orthopaedic approved mattresses and pillows with same-day delivery.

At first, the pillow looked quite ordinary with gentle slopes less dramatic than some of the memory foam pillows on the market. However, once I laid my head down on them...oh my gosh. It's like the pillow magically aligns my neck and head to the best possible position. Let me go and do that right now; I love that sensation.

[several minutes later...]

OK, I'm back. The website described these pillows as "fluffy and soft as a cloud but as supportive as a loved one" - aww! But it's close. Your head feels like it's suspended on air and yet firmly supported. 

I tested the pillow for two weeks. What I found:
1) I fall asleep faster.
2) I sleep right through.

Prior to these pillows, I would sometimes take forever to fall asleep, and would often find myself awake at odd hours (sometimes not being able to sleep again), or I'd rouse a few times a night. Disrupted sleep is terrible.  

Now I don't know if the pillows really caused these better sleep patterns, or whether I've just been more exhausted lately. But they sure are more sleep-friendly than even my most comfy pillows. Look at how the medium-firm material bounces right back.

The gentle contours of the pillow are angled to support and cushion your spine and neck - keeping it as straight and aligned as possible for restorative sleep. Visco-elastic cells allow the pillow to mould to your neck and shoulders, enabling a personalised ergonomic fit. Advanced airflow technology keeps you cool throughout the night.

The Tencel fabric is made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees, and is particularly breathable for added comfort, lulling you to sleep! The pillows are also 100% hypoallergenic.

There's one more thing. 

Horizontal neck lines, people! Caused by the neck tilting down too much, like when you're looking down on your phone, or when your pillow is too high. The Ergo Foam pillow might help to provide the best alignment to prevent neck lines and double chins! Then go do Koko's face yoga exercises. She's hilarious. 

The only thing I noticed you have to be careful is when you're sleeping on your side. Make sure you aren't resting your cheek on the swell of the pillow, as that part should be cradling your neck. Make sure everything is well aligned before you fall asleep. The pillow I imagine works best for back sleepers; you could fall asleep like that and wake up in the same position. OK, I'm feeling sleepy already. Good night.

For more details, visit their website, WhatsApp them at +65 8398 9763, or email hello@sigmundhome.com.

39A Jln Pemimpin,
#03-01C, Halcyon Building

Operating Hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10 am to 7 pm, including Public Holidays
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Siri House at Dempsey: Modern Asian Cuisine with Cocktails

SIRI HOUSE at Dempsey has carved out a niche with its cuisine that can best be described as Modern Asian. Its creative East-Meets-West dishes can be intriguing yet comforting, such as the Unagi Risotto above. Head Chef Leo Pang, who was formerly from Le Benardin (by Eric Ripert in New York City) has put together a menu that calls up comfort food memories. Sharing plates let you try a little bit of everything while bonding with the people you eat with. 


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hong Kong Food in Singapore: "100 Reasons to Miss Hong Kong" HKTB Promo

Do you miss Hong Kong and its fabulous eats? I remember one of particularly mouthwatering video my friend Wilsurn shared in a groupchat of him and his companion scarfing down all the iconic foods on a weekend makan trip to Hong Kong, just before the Covid travel restrictions hit. Man...the things we take for granted and think we'll be able to do just anytime? Not so easy now. They've just announced a travel air bubble between SG and HK but no dates yet for when this will happen. But thankfully, sometimes when we can't go to the mountain, the mountain can come to us. 

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is giving us “100 Reasons to Miss Hong Kong” by offering a variety of authentic Hong Kong food experiences to enjoy.

From 12 October 2020 to 15 November 2020, HKTB has lined up eight world-famous Hong Kong food brands in Singapore to provide exclusive promotions and offers to local travellers who miss Hong Kong’s food. Participating brands include Jenny Bakery, Kam’s Roast, Mui Kee Congee, Social Place, as well as the newly opened Hang Heung and Joy Luck Teahouse (which houses Hoover Cake Shop, Kam Kee Café & Tak Hing Fishball Company).


Saturday, October 10, 2020

I'm Kim Korean BBQ Buffet @ SOTA

We've always liked I'm Kim @ SOTA for their Korean BBQ. I remember work gatherings, and family dinners here. It's affordable and superb value for money. Their meats come in generous cuts and the vegetables always fresh. 


Sunday, October 4, 2020

"Thank Goodness It's Seafood!" Food Delivery in Singapore

Chef Shen Tan of OwnselfMake Chef fame has collaborated with Gastro Gig to create the Thankgoodnessits (TGI) series, a delivery-only concept that brings culinary entertainment and one-of-a-kind concepts into people’s homes.

​The first edition last month served up a scrumptious TGI Nasi Lemak (the twice steamed lemak rice is something Chef's Tan started with in her early days at Maxwell Food Centre). This second edition TGI Seafood (available til 1 Nov 2020) focuses on locally and regionally sourced seafood (such as from Ah Hua Kelong), complemented by herbs harvested from Gastrogig's 350sqm garden. 

We had an order for the Makan for 4 (S$108) which includes:

  • Nasi Ulam
  • Choice of 1 Premium Protein
  • Choice of 1 Protein
  • Choice of 1 Vege
  • 1 set Pulut Hitam Cake
  • 1 Kalamansi Kaya Bread and Butter Pudding with Fish Floss



Omelette, Sambal Tumis, Fried Shallot, Broad Beans, Rainbow Pickles


Friday, October 2, 2020

Morton's Singapore: Private Dining Rooms for Celebrations with Steak and Seafood

I think we are all so glad that dining in is back in restaurants. Not only can we enjoy expertly prepared cuisine the way it's meant to be - fresh and hot - but we can also celebrate special occasions at a really nice venue.

Morton’s The Steakhouse has been a particular favourite for celebrating momentous occasions since it opened here in 1998. The restaurant has elegant private dining rooms that are perfect for small meetings, parties, birthday celebrations or even just a change from home.

Morton's Private Dining Rooms 2&3 - Cluster Meeting Set Up

It's probably going to be a while before we can see meetings for groups bigger than five. But I think that day is not too far away, given that rules are relaxing for places of worship (but oh, Morton is the temple of steak, isn't it?) and community cases are down to almost none. I can't wait for Phase 3.
Morton's Private Dining Rooms A&B - Long Dinner Table

With a minimum spending of S$800++, Morton’s The Steakhouse provides complimentary room decoration, an excellent bottle of champagne, dessert for the celebrant, a personalised menu with birthday greeting and special occasion photos, printed and ready for guests to bring home as souvenirs. Most importantly, guests can also look forward to a hearty feast of steaks, seafood, wine and desserts with family and friends.

USDA Bone-in Ribeye

The celebration can start off with Morton’s Prime Ocean Platters (baked), a gorgeous spread of Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Baked Oyster and Jumbo Shrimp Alexander (S$194++ for 3-4 pax) or indulge in the restaurant’s creamy rendition of the Lobster Bisque (S$39++).

Of course, we love Morton's for its hallmark steaks. The 22oz. Bone-in Ribeye (S$145++, photo above) with a rich marbling of fat, beautiful succulence and flavour is perfect for sharing. For a group of five, you might consider adding also the 20oz. Signature Cut New York Strip (S$156++), Honey Balsamic Glazed Ora King Salmon (S$78++) and the lusciously sweet Alaskan King Crab Legs (S$158++ full portion) for a memorable gourmet experience.

If you're ending the meal on a sweet note, indulge in Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake (S$38++), a classic New York Style Cheesecake (S$29++) or the Fresh Seasonal Berries (S$27++) paired with Sabayon sauce, the perfect simple summery dessert.

A complimentary welcome drink will be presented to early diners who dine-in before 6pm.

See my other posts related to Morton's for a glimpse of the food and ambience:

Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Fourth storey, 5 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039797
Tel: +65 63393740

Open daily

Monday to Saturday 5pm to 11pm
Sunday 5pm to 10pm

Dining room
Monday to Saturday 5.30pm to 11pm
Sunday 5pm to 10pm

All photos courtesy of Morton's Singapore

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Yun Nans Restaurant Opens Third Outlet at NEX Serangoon

Yun Nans has opened its third outlet at NEX on 23 September 2020. Known in China as 云海肴 (pronounced as “Yunhaiyao”), YUN NANS is the largest Yunnan F&B chain in the world, with over 200 outlets in China. On Dazhong Dianping, the restaurant is rated as one of the must-visit places in Kunming, southern Yunnan.

YUN NANS Interior - NEX The restaurant serves highland cuisine (gao yuan liao li) and I've been hearing raves about it, so it's not surprising that it's doing well and expanding. I'm glad this NEX outlet is much nearer to me than the Jewel at Changi Airport (flagship) and Westgate one. And there's a promo going on, so I might check it out. 

YUN NANS NEX Opening Promotion

50% off total bills on 28 September 2020 to 30 September 2020

Terms and Conditions
· Discount is valid for dine-in only
· Not in conjunction with any promotion or membership program
· Not valid for vouchers

The NEX outlet will offer a variety of new and exclusive dishes, such as:

Crispy Duck with Dried Chillies 香酥鸭
Crispy Duck with Dried Chillies 香酥鸭 (S$15.90) 

Poached Seabass in Spicy Pickled Vegetable Broth 老坛酸菜鱼
Poached Seabass in Spicy Pickled Vegetable Broth 老坛酸菜鱼 (S$28.90)

Stir Fried Dragon Chives with Yunnan Beancurd Skin 云南豆皮炒青龙菜
Stir Fried Dragon Chives with Yunnan Beancurd Skin 云南豆皮炒青龙菜 (S$12.90) 

Charcoal Grilled Wheat Pumpkin 烤云南小麦瓜
Charcoal Grilled Wheat Pumpkin 烤云南小麦瓜 (S$7.90) 

Stir Fried Yunnan Rice Noodles with Assorted Seafood 海鲜虾汤炒米线
Stir Fried Yunnan Rice Noodles with Assorted Seafood 海鲜虾汤炒米线 (S$12.90) 

Steam Pot Chicken Soup with Yunnan Red Mushrooms 大红菌汽锅鸡
Steam Pot Chicken Soup with Yunnan Red Mushrooms 大红菌汽锅鸡 (S$13.90) 

Deep Fried Pork Fillet with Homemade Spicy Dip 香炸小酥肉
Deep Fried Pork Fillet with Homemade Spicy Dip 香炸小酥肉 (S$9.90)

Stir Fried Pork Collar with Scallions 三葱猪颈肉
Stir Fried Pork Collar with Scallions 三葱猪颈肉 (S$16.90) 

Sautéed Asparagus with Golden Fungus and Mushroom 金耳花菇炒芦笋
Sautéed Asparagus with Golden Fungus and Mushroom 金耳花菇炒芦笋 (S$14.90)

Stir Fried Prawn with Salted Egg and Jasmine Petals 茉莉花咸蛋黄虾球
Stir Fried Prawn with Salted Egg and Jasmine Petals 茉莉花咸蛋黄虾球 (S$24.90)


Brown Sugar Jelly Served with Rose Puree 玫瑰红糖冰粉
Brown Sugar Jelly Served with Rose Puree 玫瑰红糖冰粉 (S$6.90)

YUN NANS Shopfront - NEX

23 Serangoon Central #B1-15 NEX Singapore 556083
Contact number: +65 6970 7883
Opening hours: 11:30am – 10pm daily
Seating Capacity: 100 pax 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yunnanssg/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yunnanssg/

All photo courtesy of Yun Nans Restaurant.
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