Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fruit Paradise Tart Shop at Manpuku (Tampines 1)

They almost look like plastic displays but these are all real
Apparently, fruit tarts are the current rage in Japan. Must have been after my visit two years ago. Anyway, there is this Fruit Paradise Tart Shop at Manpuku with 10 different types of tarts decorated with fresh fruit. They really do look good! Almost too good to be cut!

Gorgeous tarts! Too good to cut!
Hungrycow and I had the pleasure of sampling several of these tarts, at the kind invitation of Tampines 1 - many thanks to the folks there!

I will just let the photos do the talking...most of them tasted pretty good. The base is either custard cream, chocolate cream or cheese cream.

Caramel Banana Fruit TartCaramel Banana Fruit Tart

Mango Fruit TartMango Fruit Tart

Kiwi Fruit TartKiwi Fruit Tart

Blueberry Fruit TartBlueberry Fruit Tart

Orange and Grapefruit Fruit Tart
Orange and Grapefruit Fruit Tart

Prices are about S$6.80 or so per slice. May vary depending on fruit type.

The Fruit Paradise Tart Shop is located right at the entrance of Manpuku. Can't miss it!

#03-16/17/18 Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529539
Open daily: 11.30am - 9.45pm


  1. I got a voucher for a return trip during their opening promo. For the amount you spend, they write down the amount on the voucher and you get a percentage off the next time you go there...

    Hmmm should go back and eat again, the desserts especially. :-)

  2. love yr photos, they're all so crisp & clear, unlike mine :D

  3. i tried the tarte too . pretty to watch ,to eat , well for me as i expected too much of the good taste tarte those which i can have in japan , not deserved to pay 7dollars .
    i love the place itself but next time i will quickly eat ramen and leave.NO tartes.

  4. those are some dainty tarts there! the colours look good. now i recall that conversation about tampines 1 and uniqlo on our way to orchard! lol!

  5. Jo: yup!

    Kman: hehe when are you going back? :9

    Evan: I have trouble getting clear shots too. My 50mm lens doesn't have Image Stabiliser! :(

    Koinusyokudo: sigh...cannot compare to Japan la...if so, most Japanese food in Singapore fail already...

    Nic: yes, the tarts are quite colourful. I guess you have enough Uniqlo in your wardrobe already? Will you still go to Tampines 1? :P

  6. Wow!! YOur Photos are amazing..!! Well shot!! What is your secret? Do you post process in PS? If so, what's your workflow.

    Very 3D ..!! Keep up the good work.

  7. Ooh, they all look too beautiful to be cut! I'd love to try the mango tart. Mango's my fav! :)

  8. Anon: Thanks, I have no secret really. I don't even use Photoshop, just simple Picasa cos I have very little time for editing. Works for me so far! Does it look 3D? Must be the 50mm lens.

    Thanks, Julia, yes, there's a lot of mango in this tart! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  9. What do you usually do in Picassa? Sharpen? Brightness? Sturation? etc? ie. what's your workflow? WOuld be interesting to see your before and after shots!

    Awesome shots. I love the mango shot especially. YOu must have very steady hands.

  10. What an enthusiastic Anonymous. Anywaayyy, i want tartssss!!! :D

  11. Indeed, a very enthusiastic Anonymous! :) Honestly I don't have a fixed workflow, because different pictures need different solutions. It really depends on the photo. Some may just need a bit of sharpening. Others need some fill light (many places are dim!). I may also adjust contrast and colour if white balance is off-kilter. Saturation I'm not fond of, because it tends to make photos look unnatural and garish. And the sequence you use gives different results. But in general, Picasa is very easy to use. Just experiment with it and you'll see. :)

    HungryCow: be careful when you say you want tarts! LOL

  12. Oh my- so delicious. I want that grapefruit and orange looking one. Oh my goodness~!

  13. Oh my. I want that mango fruit tart right now. Awesome photos!

  14. looks soooo good! all of it. and i love fruit. and dessert!

  15. Do you have any idea where I might find a recipe for these? They look like a delicious challenge...Thanks!

  16. Tried some due to the hype and i must say i was disappointed. Nothing compared to what you can get in Japan. Try Berry Cafe at Omotesando for the real deal.

  17. I was just there yesterday. It's $7.80 per slice now...

  18. Heard a fair bit about the fruit tarts offered at Manpuku and in case one is still wondering where is this place, Manpuku is a new Japanese food hall concept which houses renowned restaurant names such as Botejyu, Yoshimi, Hokkyokusei, Aoba and many more. However, this entry will focus on the most-talked about booth which is none other Singapore's First Fruit Paradise serving 10 different types of tarts on 3 kinds of base, namely custard cream, cheese cream and fresh cream.

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  19. OMG tempting!....Those tarts make my mouth water!...Me too have great interest in foody!...


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