Monday, April 6, 2009

My New 50mm Lens

The Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens
I finally bought myself a 50mm f/1.8 lens, something inexpensive but highly recommended. After nearly a whole year of using only the kit lens, this is a refreshing change. In fact, this lens literally turns my camera into a new toy!

It takes some getting used to, but it does things my kit lens cannot. Here are some test shots.

Love the depth of field!
The depth of field - massive!

Amazing capability in low light situations
It does very well under low light situations!
(only one dim wall lamp and the light from my 19" LCD monitor here)

It's great for portraits!
Here's Nadine coming over to see why my camera seems to have shrunk a bit (oh yes, the lens is much smaller and lighter).

Jolie - test shot with flash
It's a faster lens too, but active children's portraits are still hard to take. I took one with flash, just to see what it looks like. Still not ideal.

Jolie Chweep!
Ahh, this is the best moment to catch them - when they're perfectly still!

My existing kit lens with Image Stabiliser
My existing kit lens (it's the one with Image Stabilizer). It's getting a bit grotchy. A bunch of us were just joking the other day about how grimy and dirty food blogger cameras must be - due to many sessions of handling both food and camera at the same time. What a thought.

Shiny new toy...
So anyway, my shiny new toy. Bear with me while I sidle up to it and get to know it better. I can't guarantee my photos will be improved, but hopefully they might be a little different.


  1. Congrats! Test shots look great, very sharp images and nice bokeh. But my fav shots are of Nadine and sleeping Jolie. :)

  2. Sleeping Jolie looks so angelical, pretty eyelashes! =)

  3. How exciting! Like getting a new toy to play with. And the little darlings look cuter than ever with your new lens. :)

  4. it will be a fun toy to play with..just not very versatile if u choose to use it as the only lens..and if u r like me (which is lazy and unwilling to change lens).. i stopped using the 50mm lens after a while..

  5. I love your babies' long eyelahses! Can I have them please??

  6. lovely shots cat! the depth-of-field is amazing! i don't think my lens can do that, the biggest aperture is f/2.5! thats why i said i wanna buy your lens! lemme try nx time :D

  7. beautiful shots with the 50mm. in film sense its somewhat around 75mm which is a good focal length for portraits and such.

    keep shooting!

  8. I like Jolie's sleeping shot :) Sweet.

  9. congrats on the new lens! i'll be waiting for the result. am sure they'll turn out fantastic!

    nikon's new 35mm lens is still in the making. my neck is getting longer while waiting for it already..haha!

  10. Didn't know that food bloggers have to excellent photographers too. Come to think of it, it makes sense why the pictures i take of food don't look so good...

    You had a better camera!

    haha...was that a good excuse? :)

  11. Thanks, everyone! :)

    The long eyelashes I also want!

    Ricky: haha, almost! I only have a basic entry-level DSLR. And before May 2008, I used a P&S digicam. It doesn't matter what you use, just shoot what you like and put it up for everyone to enjoy!

    If you share your profile, then we can see your photos too.


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