Saturday, May 3, 2008

Homecooked claypot chicken rice!

This is my first attempt at claypot chicken rice. I never knew it was this easy to make! The marinade smells so fragrant and delicious, even before it is cooked! Use a gentle, slow fire and you will be rewarded with the much coveted layer of caramelised crispy rice at the bottom of the claypot, and not overly burnt rice that's stuck fast. Recipe from Lily Wai's Hearth and Home, listed here as well with my own notes in green.

2 cups rice, washed and drained
3 cups chicken stock - this proved to be too much IMHO, 2.5 cups gives firmer rice texture
2 chicken drumsticks cut into pieces (bone in chicken pieces can also be used) - I used breast meat and the steaming made it very tender!
5 Chinese mushrooms, soaked, cut into half
1 Chinese sausage, sliced
1 ½ cm thick salted fish, sliced thinly, fried till crispy - I doubled this amount but still wanted more!
1 tbsp black soya sauce
4 tbsp garlic oil - I just used a few lashings of sesame oil since I didn't have garlic oil
Chopped spring onions for garnishing


2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
1 tsp of ginger juice (grated a knob of ginger and squeeze)
1 tbsp sesame oil
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp sugar
½ tbsp corn flour - oops, I forgot this! This thickens the marinade, so more of it sticks to the chicken, and goes into the claypot. Someone else tried dumping the marinade into the claypot and got soggy but savoury rice.


1. Mix chicken, mushrooms with marinade and ginger, season for 30 minutes.

2. Put rice and chicken stock into a clay pot, cover and bring to boil lower fire and cook with low heat till holes are formed on top. (About 15 minutes)

3. Spread marinated chickens and mushrooms, Chinese sausage on top, cover and cook with low heat till rice is dry and chicken pieces are cooked (another 15 minutes). Remove from fire.

4. Sprinkle salted fish on top, cover and leave to stand for 10 minutes till rice is dry and fluffy.

5. Before serving, sprinkle spring onion , black soya sauce and garlic oil, mix in to combine toppings and rice.


  1. Damn cool. you should add some chye sim towards the end. :)

    Bravo! I've never managed cooking rice from the claypot. I always do the "lazy version"...aka using cooked rice. keke

  2. Haha, chye sim is my No.1 Most Hated Vegetable. Unfortunately it's also the No.1 Most Common Vegetable in Singapore!

    I had braced myself for great difficulties using the claypot but found none whatsoever! You can use a rice cooker too but really nothing trumps the results from the claypot.

  3. orh..then xiao bai chye then! :)

    Thanks. Shall try the claypot version one day!

  4. *drools*
    I like my Chinese sausage sliced thickly..... aiyoh, I like chye sim. No greens! I was wondering what's missing from the dish. hehe...

  5. LOL xiao bai chye is my no.2 Most Hated Veg! KPM can vouch for that!

    But yes, do try claypot cooking! Quite fun.

  6. Hello eastcoastlife! Hey, well, the spring onions are green!

    Anyway, I had separate veg dish of stir-fried long beans to go with it (just not pictured).

  7. Wow! That looks really good and the recipe seems easy too.

  8. this sounds like dinner next week. I remember i have a claypot hidden somewhere... never been used!

  9. Very yummy looking claypot rice! I think I should go get a claypot soon. Haha..

  10. haha.

    i wanted to laugh when ice mentioned chye sim.

    then i saw the second one, oh no.. another of camemeberu's hated veg. LOL...

    but i love those two vegetables. yummy!

  11. lol. actually I hate those 2 vege too. I just thought they are the usual vege to go with claypot rice mah. :p

    ok now I know cam likes long beans. :)

  12. Once upon a time I used to cook this in the rice cooker, but my new rice cooker is very basic and cooks in 15mins or so, so can't use that now. Guess I might have to buy a claypot. Great looking claypot rice you have there.

  13. Err... my dad uses cabbage if that helps or is that your No. 3 most hated? ;P I love xiao bai chye but hate chye sim.

  14. First attempt? It looks so good that I think you cook that very often :)

    I love eating from the claypot and esp a claypot chicken rice like this, the claypot version is so much more fragrant. But I never cook with claypot because I think it's hard to wash the aftermath! :O..maybe I'm just pure lazy...

  15. hur hur...yes, I know those 2 veg are often associated with claypot chicken rice. I'm not a veg-hater. Just so happens that I don't like those two. And maybe Chinese spinach, celery, bittergourd... keke.

    Ah cabbage I will eat! But unusual in chicken rice claypot! Singairishgirl, I'm so glad you hate chye sim too! At last, somebody understands me! lol

    Edamame, thanks! But your site is zenbu de Nihongo!

    carolyn, southernoise, didally - hope you get to enjoy it soon!

    KPM: funny right? I was just telling you the other day.

    Tigerfish, thanks, haha! The washing is worth it! Just use a gentle fire and the rice won't stick so much.

  16. ooh sounds so delicious, especially the rice crust. I have a claypot that I have never used, it's time to dust it off...


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