Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nigella's Mirin-Glazed Salmon

Nigella's Mirin-Glazed Salmon
I swear I could live by Nigella's recipes alone. Thumbing through Nigella Express, I found this delicious and nutritious dish that doesn't even need 10 minutes of preparation and cooking. Perfect for lazy weekends or a quick weeknight dinner. The salmon is best enjoyed well-seared on the outside with generous amounts of that sweet, glossy glaze. Full recipe is available online, but I'm presenting it here with my notes in pink.


  • 60ml mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine) - about 4 tablespoons

  • 50g light brown sugar - also about 4 tablespoons but I only used 2 slightly heaped tablespoons and it was plenty sweet

  • 60ml soy sauce - about 4 tablespoons

  • 4 x 125g pieces salmon, cut from the thick part of the fillet so that they are narrow but tall rather than wide and flat

  • 2 x 15ml tbsp rice vinegar

  • 1-2 spring onions, halved and shredded into fine strips - as you can see, I just chopped mine roughly. Oh these are not just for mere garnishing, they really add pungency that cuts through the fattiness of the fish

  1. Mix the mirin, brown sugar and soy sauce in a shallow dish that will take all 4 pieces of salmon, and marinate the salmon in it for 3 minutes on the first side and 2 minutes on the second. Meanwhile heat a large non-stick frying pan on the hob.

  2. Cook the salmon in the hot, dry pan for 2 minutes and then turn it over, add the marinade and cook for another 2 minutes.

  3. Remove the salmon to whatever plate you’re serving it on, add the rice vinegar to the hot pan and warm through.

  4. Pour the dark, sweet, salty glaze over the salmon and top with the spring onion strips. Serve with rice or noodles as you wish, and consider putting some sushi ginger on the table, too. We added lots of shichimi togarashi Japanese chili powder for that extra spicy kick!



  1. Thanks for the link. Well, I'm not a fan of fish, but this pic of your creation looks so good that I'll might just convert into a fish lover!

  2. Looks delicious. I'm not a big fan of cookbooks, but I'd have to say I probably dig out Nigella's books most frequently.

  3. that looks very very good. my mum loves coating her fish in mirin and putting it under the grill.

  4. What a great photo! I love Nigella for so many reasons. This recipe looks easy, fast, and delicious -- a winner!

  5. Haven't had any problems with any of Nigella's recipes yet - and thanks for sharing this one too! I'm always looking for more ways to eat fish.

  6. I'm confused. Mirin is rice wine, not rice vinegar. So which one did you use?

  7. nevermind. I read it wrong - you used both.

  8. That looks great! I was also wondering, do you have any idea if mirin past their expiry date (abt 2 mths past) can still be used?
    The shelf life seems pretty short.
    Thanks! :)

  9. hey camemberu,

    the rice vinegar, did you use the black one?

  10. Wow so many comments, thanks everyone!

    Wei: two months is probably still fine. A lot of expiry dates are quite arbitrary anyway. If it still looks OK, smells OK, why not. But I shall not be held responsible for anything wrong that happens!

    Southernoise: I used regular white vinegar actually. Didn't have ANY rice vinegar around the house at the point in time. The dark colour is probably from the soy and caramelized sugar.

  11. Nice to see more recipe posts from you recently.

    I've seen quite a few posts from other bloggers featuring Nigella's new cookbook. Seems like quite a good buy.

    Your salmon looks really appetizing.

  12. Got this recipe through a friend of mine after asking her for recipes to use my expensive mirin and rice vinegar. We're gonna try it in a minute and I'll let you know how it turned out :)

  13. Very very very nice :) Less sugar is in deed no problem ;) I used normal sugar... But still. Nice recipe!


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