Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jolie is 5 months old today!

Yes, the little one is five months old today. It also marks my fifth month of sleep deprivation. So excuse me while I take a bit longer today to figure out this weekend's (and next week's) posts. Ah, where to eat and what to cook?

And Corinna, if you're reading this, hope your parents feel better soon! Come see the baby!


  1. Hi Catherine, Butch, Nadine & little Jolie and to all at home! Yes! I'm reading and here to say a big hello to all! We will see everyone soon! gotta check with Mummy when.. i love to frequent your blog, so much good food to drool over haha.. I've not been blogging for yrs.. very lazy, maybe i should start again =)

  2. Hi Corinna! Didn't know you had a blog (or 3 actually) too! Haha, maybe we should all come and visit you guys instead. It's been a while since we did that anyway. Will ask the mums to arrange timing!

  3. cute!!! Feels like giving her a good pinch.


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