Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tony Roma's Onion Loaf and "Red Hots" Ribs

Onion Loaf- Half Loaf
Mmmh, sweetly caramelised deep-fried onions in crinkly batter. This is a must-have every time we come to Tony Roma's. Best appetiser to accompany some finger-licking good ribs.

Tony Roma's Red Hots Full Slab
Normally, we get the sampler ribs (which gives you all four flavours) but I wondered if the quantity was the same as that of a full slab. So this time, we got a full slab of Red Hots to compare. Hmm, yeah, looks pretty much the same. Despite its name, the Red Hots is not that spicy (by our Asian standards) but don't bite into that tiny dried chili there. It burns! Their coleslaw is still one of the saltiest ever. Tasty but thirst-inducing.


  1. You make me wanna rush out and grab me some of them deep-fried batter onions. And if I can have them with some good southern fried chicken, I'm in heaven... :)

  2. I heard so much about their onion loaf but yet to try them yet. Looks really yummy.

  3. I never dared order that not that I do not want to try it out but it's often too much for just the two of us and a little one. I always go for the ribs.

  4. Kenny, you can make your own southern fried chicken! :D

    Didally: IT IS!!! lol but some parts a bit dry, the outer onion skin layers.

    Singairishgirl: lol it's not enough for me and my hubby!

  5. I have not gone to Tony's for the longest time!

    Ahh.. ribs!!!..... ribs!!! ......

    The last time I was there, the onion loaf was big huge square thingy. Yummy. is it smaller now?

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