Saturday, May 24, 2008

Guess the ingredients and pasta type

Can you guess the ingredients and pasta type?
Can you guess the ingredients and pasta type? Answers will be posted tomorrow! Hint? Well, it's got prawns, so it's certainly "seafoody"!


  1. Pasta: Tortiglioni
    Is the flavour Seafood Sambal?

  2. hahahah! cambemberu got new game for the loyal readers. lol!

    think i saw this type of pasta before but i'm not sure of the name.

    did u cooked it?

  3. rigatoni with crustacean oil, ingredients either kombu or aonori, and those are baby spinach :)

    hmm....looks and I think taste familiar keke :)

  4. To me, it looks like there is some sambal in it?

  5. Initially, I thought you used basil. But at a closer look, I think they are baby spinach?

    Can't figure out the pasta type non the other ingredients except the prawns. LOL

    Waiting eagerly for your answer and recipe. =)

  6. But it has a sprial ridge so I think it's tortiglioni. In fact, if it's home cooked, it might even be Barilla's Tortiglioni which is commonly found in local supermarkets! :)

  7. hae bee hiam rigatoni =P - blu

  8. It does reminds me of le papillon's rigatoni in crustacean oil. :) Ice might be right.

  9. Seafood rigatoni?

  10. its up on tastespotting!

    pasta tortiglioni with hay bee hiam plus caramelised shallots and some shavings of parmesan cheese?

    where's momo the food forensic? :)

  11. Wow you guys are good!

    XinYan: spot on for the pasta! very close for sambal guess!

    LIC: haha, nice to break the routine once in a while. Yes, I cooked it.

    Ice: I know what you're thinking! It's not quite that, but was inspired by that.

    Ju-ee: yes, got something spicy in it!

    Didally: unfortunately all my basil died. Yes, it's baby spinach. Hehe, OK I'll post the recipe (although initially didn't want to, cos it still sucks!).

    XY: Tortiglioni it is! You even got the brand right! lol

    Anonymous: wow, right on hae bee hiam!

    Hungry Cow: hehe

    JY: seafood yes, rigatoni no

    Amy: ah, that's an idea...maybe I should experiment with tom yum pasta next.

    Southernoise: oh it's up! yay! yes, very close guess! and you're the only one who noticed the cheese!

    Sweet & saucy: Thanks! :)


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