Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To all moms reading this blog, a very happy Mother's Day! This year marks the 100th such celebration. I saw this Chinese proverb above on a table tag at a Killiney kopitiam, and thought how true. We can never fully understand how much our parents have done for us until we become parents ourselves. The amount of caring and effort required just to keep kids alive, fed, clothed, bathed, cleaned, trained, educated, etc. ... is phenomenal!

Now that I am a mom myself (strangely still coming to terms with that), I have a newfound appreciation for what my parents must have gone through for me. Trite as it sounds, it really is something I will never be able to repay. Meanwhile, I guess I get to pay it forward to the two little girls I've been blessed with. One special, and one regular (although Super-sized seems a better description). Love them both!

Nadine and Jolie
Nadine, at 21 months, and Jolie, 4 months.

P.S. Jolie looks like an overfed Dowager, but really, she's not THAT fat! There's just A LOT of padding in the pram as she can't sit up on her own yet.


  1. Wow, Jolie looks very, very well fed!!
    Hahaha. Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)

  2. Wow, your kids are so cute and I want to give Jolie a big hug! Looks like you are doing a great job being a mother - Happy Mother's Day! :D

  3. Oh gosh, little Jolie is almost the same size as Nadine. Haha. A real Michelin baby. So cute. Happy Mum's Day!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you, dear! Yes, the quote is so true... a parent's love is hard to fathom without becoming one ourselves, but I guess I'll have to do my best till I become a parent.

    Nadine is such a good big sister, isn't she? Helping to push Jolie's carriage. :)

  5. wah so cute! feel like pinching Jolie's chubby cheek! haha...

    Happy Mother's day mama camemberu!

  6. Wei: thanks! Haha, Jolie is well-fed because of this blog! Hmm, or rather, she is the cause of the blog! Even during my pregnancy with her, she's been telling me to EEEAT!

    HappyHM88: thanks so much, happy mother's day to you too!

    Singairishgirl: happy mother's day to you too! Jolie is my 1-star Michelin baby! lol

    Kenny: I imagine your blog will be a riot once you get Kenny juniors! Yes, Nadine is pushing the pram. But sometimes towards the canal! lol

    Southernoise: LOL thanks! Everybody wants to pinch/squeeze/hug Jolie! But she better lose the baby fat after a year or I'll need to borrow a supermarket trolley!

  7. OMG! jolie look alot bigger than nadine. cuteeee!


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