Monday, December 31, 2007

Tony Roma's BBQ Ribs

Most of us are feeling better now so today we had our *inaugural* family outing involving BOTH kids. Firstly, a quick hospital consult for me which helped put my mind at ease about my condition. And then a celebratory lunch!

What did we have? Riiiibs! Yes, yes, some may say better ribs are elsewhere, but for my family of differing tastebuds, Tony Roma's is usually a failsafe choice - tasty enough, moist and succulent. Their star-studded sampler (S$31.90) allows you to taste all four of their BBQ flavours. Portion's just enough for two to share (and not be satiated).

This is usually a must-have for us. Sweet onions deep-fried, coated with crunchy batter. What's not to like? Now put away your bathroom scales and just indulge!

Scaled down Caesar salad, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

When you order a combo meal, you can get a side Caesar salad with glass of fruit juice for just S$8. But the salad is somewhat paltry and spartan - it won't quite make the balanced meal in terms of greens. Juice is from concentrate, not freshly squeezed.

Luscious combo meals, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

They have all kinds of other stuff - steak, chicken, fish, shrimp - but we usually never stray from the ribs. Combo meals let you have best of both worlds though.

(click link above for outlet details)



  1. Coincidentally I was at Tony Roma's and Roland's in the past two weeks hahaha. But different days from you.

  2. i passed by tony roma's that day, and was comptemplating to go in or not, but the long Q makes me give it a pass. hahaha

  3. Hi, I've set up a new food blog. Can I link u?


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