Friday, December 7, 2007

Seng Hoe Minced Pork Fish Ball Noodles

I like a good bowl of dry mee pok that stays springy and QQ til the very last bite. This one has nicely blanched fresh beansprouts (look at how white and clean they are). And most importantly, fried pork lard bits! 

The soup is also pleasant - just sweetly savoury and not overpowering in fishyness. The S$3 serving comes with four fishballs, sliced fish cake, a Teochew fish paste dumpling and bits of minced pork (most of it at the bottom). Not sure what the S$2.50 one will cover.

Open from morning til evening, upload feito originalmente por Camemberu.
This is possibly the most hardworking stall at 50A Marine Terrace hawker centre, toiling from early morning til late at night. Sometimes it's the only one open in the evenings (the hawker centre is like a ghost town from late afternoon).

Block 50-A Marine Terrace #01-277
(next to Marine Parade Town Council - dang it, stop playing the stock market with my conservancy fees and plant some more trees!)


  1. Wow, your pictures look so yummy that me and my daughter were going "wow" - we asked each other where was this place as we scrolled down the page and were disappointed that it was Singapore! :lol: Nevertheless, we love your pictures and commentary.


    choesf, happyhomemaker88

  2. Happyhomemaker88: Hehe, thanks! I did the same for your site, to see where you are from. Ah well, at least we can still trade recipes! :)


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