Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snacks from Thai Supermarket at Golden Mile Complex

The other day at Golden Mile Complex I also visited the Thai supermarket to get some authentic green curry paste. I checked out their snacks too and was happy to spot the Manora seafood chips (S$1.50 each). I had tried the prawn flavoured ones in Bangkok and liked them. They're really peppery and can sometimes make you cough while you eat. But so addictive!

These are small, coin-shaped crackers. All the flavours look alike, with just mild variations in colour (the fish one being a shade paler). The crab flavoured one is quite peppery, although probably not as much as the prawn ones. The back of the packaging says 50% tapioca flour and 20% crabmeat. The fish one contains 24% fish but is a lot milder tasting. I mixed both packs in an airtight container, so you can alternate bites between the two flavours.

Yeah I know, I know, instant noodles are not good for you. But I don't mind shaving a few years off my lifespan if I can enjoy the food and snacks that I like! Saves me some retirement planning headaches too.

The popular Mama brand offers many different spicy flavours (S$1.90 now for pack of five). The Thai supermarket here stocks the widest variety I've seen in Singapore, and I'm tempted to review every one of them! We're all quite familiar with the regular Tom Yum one on the left. The reddish pack of Tom Saab on the right is interesting - a pork rib tom yum with a strong lime infusion. It's a miracle how they manage to get all those flavours so accurately in a little sachet.

So easy to prepare - just add hot water. No cooking pot required, less washing up to do! Don't wait too long to eat them though, they can turn soggy. These Thai noodles are also tasty enough on their own to be eaten as is, without cooking. Like crunchy Mamee snacks. My only quibble is - one individual pack is only a measly 65g (compared to the regular 80-120g portion of local, Japanese or Korean instant noodles). One pack is too little, two packs is too much (for my conscience, not my tummy). And often, after you eat, the savoury spiciness just leaves you wanting even more! Argh!

#02-64 Golden Mile Complex
Tel: 6293-2780



  1. The art on the bags of chips are simply beautiful! I would buy it for the packaging alone. I'm more of a shrimp chip girl

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I will go look out for the chips during my Bangkok trip next month.

  3. Darlene: lol yeah, they are pretty, aren't they? I had trouble throwing them away!

    Precious Pea: you're welcome! Hope you enjoy them!

  4. Hi, you should try the mama tom yam noodles dry, its superb!

  5. Thanks Jingles! I think it's time to go back there again.


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